Lies of P Collector's Editions Resell For $140

And that's no lie

Lies of P Collector

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Lies of P hit shelves this week to extremely favorable reviews

  • Deluxe Editions are $70, sold exclusively through GameStop

  • They’re currently reselling for upwards of $140

“Lies of P” got its full release this week to some serious praise. The Bloodborne-inspired Soulslike launched on both consoles and PC on September 19th, and many players have already jumped in. As is the case with most modern games, “Lies of P” also shipped with an upgraded Deluxe Edition that adds special in-game skins alongside some real world bonuses. With the game being received so well, these deluxe editions have sold out and are now reselling at a premium.

Lies of P Deluxe Edition

If you know nothing about it, “Lies of P” is action RPG loosely based on the story of Pinocchio. The game takes heavy inspiration from FROMSoftware’s “Dark Souls” series, especially its spin-off “Bloodborne”. The “P” in its title comes from Pinocchio, who is the game’s protagonist.

“Lies of P” has bucked the trend of other “Soulslike” games by being, well, pretty good. Previous game’s that have attempted to emulate FROM’s formula have often been reviewed poorly, while “Lies of P” is being regarded as one of the best, most polished games in the genre.

It’s just the latest in a long line of high profile video game releases through 2023. This year has been hit after hit, from the latest “Legend of Zelda“, “Baldur’s Gate III“, and the long-awaited “Starfield“. “Lies of P” is launching in one of the most stacked markets for games imaginable, and is still selling well and racking up accolades.

The “Lies of P” Deluxe Edition is a pretty straightforward upgrade for fans of the game to get a little extra swag for their shelves. It includes the game (duh), several exclusive in-game costumes, a SteelBook game case, an artbook, and the game’s soundtrack.

Deluxe Editions are $70, just $10 more than the standard edition. They are a GameStop exclusive, and are usually sold out. Restocks are somewhat frequent, but they will sell out fast.

Compared to upgraded versions of other games, the “Lies of P” Deluxe Edition is much cheaper, but also pretty sparse in content. The case is nice, especially to a collector, but there’s nothing super special to really stir up hype. For a fan of the game of the game, this is something you might consider picking up, but it’s hard to imagine anyone fighting over these.

Lies of P Deluxe Editions Resell

But people are fighting over them. When a game is as well received as “Lies of P”, its fans will typically want to have something, anything, to show off. Even though these Deluxe Editions aren’t anything crazy, they’re still cooler and more exclusive than a standard edition. Naturally, people want one.

Right now, a “Lies of P” Deluxe Edition is reselling for around $140. Since the game launched on Tuesday, eBay has recorded around 50 aftermarket sales, and many more were sold prior to launch. Some sales have been for more than $200.

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that gamers like spending money. Consoles, collector’s editions, GPUs, even in-game items selling for thousands, there’s a ton of money to be made in video games. Especially for resellers.

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