Tractor Supply Co. Halloween Decorations are In Stock

Cow skeletons are so in this year

Tractor Supply Co Cow Skeleton Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Halloween decorations are a great opportunity for resellers

  • Tractor Supply Co. has cow and horse skeleton props that are going viral on TikTok

  • It’s still early, but a few sales for more than $100 have been recorded

It might not seem like it, but Halloween is just around the corner. Experienced resellers know the spooky season can be one of the most profitable times of the year. While much of the US is still enduring record heat, temperatures will be cooling down soon, and people will begin to look for ways to get their houses and yards dressed up for the holiday. Today, we’re taking a look at Tractor Supply Co. In addition to animal feed, fencing, and everything else you’d expect from the farm supply company, Tractor Supply Co. also sells a variety of Halloween decorations.

Horse and Cow Skeleton Halloween Decorations

You’re probably already familiar with the traditions behind Halloween decorations. Maybe you have a neighbor who goes all out every year, and soaks his lawn with fake blood and severed heads (or maybe you’re that neighbor).

Some people are content to throw some cobwebs on the windowsill and call it done, but others can be pretty passionate about it. Enough to spends hundreds, even thousands of dollars on their yards.

And that means paying big money to a reseller for Halloween decorations. The right Halloween decorations, that is. Like most things in life, the things people go crazy for are what they see blown up on social media, and Halloween props are no different.

Every year, mommy influencers and TikTokers zero in on a handful of new props. The related hashtags balloon with posts, and the comment sections are filled with some variation of “Where do I get this?” It’s a marketer’s wet dream, and also a huge boon for people looking to make some extra cash this fall by reselling Halloween decorations.

Lately we’ve been seeing a lot of interest around a set of animal-themed Halloween props from Tractor Supply Co, namely their horse and cow skeleton designs. For whatever reason, the idea of putting up a bunch of animal skeletons throughout the house and yard is proving positively titillating to a lot of people on TikTok.


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August and September are primetime for buying Halloween decorations. Products are hitting stores in bulk, and it’s only the hardcore shoppers who plan ahead that are buying right now. As the season marches on, stock will dwindle, and we’ll start to see supply fall off as demand ramps up.

Naturally, that’s where resellers step in.

Tractor Supply Co. Halloween Props Resell

We’ve written about Halloween decorations before. In our article on Home Depot’s recent 13-foot Jack Skellington props, we looked at both the current market for decorations and what it’s looked like in the past.

The main reason that makes reselling Halloween decorations so profitable is the supply, and the manufacturing constraints. Simply put, there are a finite amount of decorations out there, and they’re only produced and sold well ahead of the holiday. If a particular product pops off on social media and starts selling out, it’ll stay sold out.

Manufacturers have to anticipate demand for products and scale production accordingly. Obviously, they can’t predict whether or not a product will go viral, and they can’t respond fast enough to meet the sudden demand.

In the case of the cow and horse skeleton props from Tractor Supply Co, we’re already beginning to see some aftermarket sales. Right now, horse skeleton props are reselling for around $100, while the Tractor Supply Co cow skeleton Halloween decoration resells for upwards of $150.

Between the two, the cow skeletons are much more popular on TikTok, and are also recording both a higher sales volume and average price. Both props are available from Tractor Supply Co. for $50, although it seems like the cow skeleton is a bit more rare. Folks have reported that it’s only available for purchase in-store, and not every location has them.

As the weather cools and the days get spookier, expect to see more Halloween-related merchandise start reselling. If you want some more examples of people blowing money for the holiday, check out our article on tickets for the upcoming Disneyland Oogie Boogie Bash. Eager fans are putting up thousands of dollars for their chance to get through the gates, even if that means buying from a reseller.

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