Lainey Wilson Signed Vinyl Sells Out in Minutes

Resellers love this country star

Lainey Wilson Signed Vinyl Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Lainey Wilson just released a limited signed edition of her “Bell Bottom Country” vinyl

  • This is the first time they’ve been available since April

  • The records are now reselling for upwards of $120

This is one of those blink-and-you’ll-miss-it sales. Yesterday, country musician Lainey Wilson put out a limited amount of signed “Bell Bottom Country” vinyl records. Fans of the artist wasted no time buying up stock, and we saw a complete sell-out in under 20 minutes. After the dust had cleared, many people that were hoping to add this record to this collection were left emptyhanded. Fortunately for them, they had an unlikely ally on their side: vinyl resellers. Now these records are reselling for two to three times what they retailed for.

Bell Bottom Country Signed Vinyl Records

If you’re an avid RC reader, you’ll know all about Lainey Wilson. The country singer has been making waves the last few years through viral TikToks, hit records, and a sold out Stanley tumbler. Her career kicked off in 2018, and she’s put out several albums since then.

Her latest record, “Bell Bottom Country” was released in October 2022 to widespread popularity. In between tours and appearances on Paramount’s “Yellowstone” TV series, she’s become one of the most influential stars in modern country.

This week’s release isn’t the first time Lainey Wilson has put out a signed vinyl record. Back in April, “Bell Bottom Country” got its initial limited signed release, and she’s followed that up again with a new batch of signed records. The “Bell Bottom Country” vinyl is a two-disk LP for a total of 16 songs. Lainey Wilson’s signature is on the record’s cover, not the sleeve or vinyl itself.

The Lainey Wilson signed “Bell Bottom Country” vinyl costs $45. Incidentally, when these were sold in April, they were advertised as being limited to 500 total units. Technically true at the time, but still a bit of a sting for people who bought early to now see the signed records being sold again.

In any case, this was still quite a limited release, and sold out very fast. Signed Lainey Wilson “Bell Bottom Country” vinyl records were sold at around 11 A.M. Pacific on August 30, and they were sold out by noon. Given that the last sale was explicitly limited to 500 copies, we’ll have to guess yesterday’s drop was similarly rare.

Lainey Wilson Signed Vinyl For Sale

Now for the fun part. Lainey Wilson’s success in the last few years have put her on many resellers’ radars, and yesterday’s release was no different. Many of these signed records were purchased by resellers intent on making some quick profit by flipping these vinyl records.

Right now, a signed Lainey Wilson “Bell Bottom Country” vinyl is reselling for around $120, with some sales edging towards $150. This week’s reissue has actually seen a boost to the average sale price, as signed records from the previous release were tending to sell for under $100.

Generally when a record like this restocks the average price will be pushed down. More stock on the market and more sellers naturally equates to less buyers, but it seems the publicity of the restock and how fast it sold out actually got people excited for it. Either way, it’s a win for resellers.

Want to learn more about reselling vinyl? Check out our guide here! We cover the very basics of how to resell vinyl records, and look at some of the most profitable vinyl to flip in the last few years. In our opinion, every reseller should pay attention to new vinyl releases, as they tend to be some of the most popular and profitable ways to release music.

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