Weird Flip Alert: Costco Signature Golf Clubs

Yes, seriously

Costco Golf Club Resellers

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Costco has started selling a set of irons and a driver at their stores

  • The Kirkland Signature clubs are significantly cheaper than comparable brands

  • Positive reviews and hype have led them to sell out and flip above retail

Does your New Year’s Resolution include picking up golf? If so, we’ve got something you may be interested. Costco has begun selling a new line of Kirkland Signature golf clubs in stores and online, and the reviews are looking good. In fact, they’re struggling to keep these clubs on shelves. Resellers have even started to flip them for a significant markup on eBay. Let’s check it out.

Kirkland Signature Iron Set and Drivers

Ok, this is definitely a weird one. While it’s well known that you can buy pretty much anything under the sun, Kirkland Signature gold clubs seem a little beyond the pale.

Costco has been making golf equipment for years now. Their gloves, golf balls, and bags are actually pretty popular, and it seems the company has been wanting to kick it up a notch.

Their first dip into the business was a Kirkland Signature putter. This was followed up by a line of wedges, and now they’re rounding out the bag by producing a set of irons and a driver.

A seven-club set of Costco irons costs $500, well below the average price of comparable clubs. By the way, these are not rinky-dink throwaway clubs either. Reviews from, Golfweek, and Golfspy have all been favorable.

They’re not the best possible club out there, but they are capable of producing perfectly acceptable performance on a budget. For comparison, a similar set of Taylormade irons can cost up to or over $1,000.

If the reviews for the Kirkland Signature clubs are accurate, you can see why people are so interested in these. Golf is not a cheap sport, and for those looking to burn the absolute minimum amount of money possible and remain competitive, this a great option.

Costco Golf Clubs Resell

These clubs have been picking up a lot of steam within golfers’ circles. The performance combined with their price tag is compelling, and having a big “Kirkland Signature” on your clubs is a pretty funny concept.

When these clubs first started being sold at Costco, they quickly went out of stock. As of this writing, the listings for the clubs on Costco’s website have been removed. We’re not really sure what the deal is.

What we do know is that these clubs are reselling. Right now, a set of Costco irons is reselling for around $750, and a Costco adjustable driver is about $250.

Costco Golf Clubs For Sale

Even at those prices these clubs are still more affordable than other options on the market. Reddit is full of angry threads about “stupid scalpers” that don’t know what they’re doing, but this is a pretty safe flip. If the clubs failed to resell, they could be returned to any Costco location for a full refund.

This seems like a win-win situation. Resellers make a quick $250, buyers save $250 compared to a set of Taylormades. Everyone is happy. Well, no one is ever happy with resellers, but them’s the breaks.

This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about reselling golf clubs. Check out our articles on the recent Scotty Cameron “My Girl” and Concept X 7.2 putters for examples of how much money there is to be made flipping clubs.

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