Scotty Cameron Concept X 7.2 Putters are Flipping for $1,400

One phone call, $700 in profit

Scotty Cameron Concept Putter Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Last Friday, Scotty Cameron dropped a limited edition putter

  • The Concept X 7.2 sold for $750 through certain Titleist retailers

  • Resellers who picked one up were able to sell them for upwards of $1,400

Even if you don’t play golf, Scotty Cameron is a name you should know. The putter manufacturer is a huge name in the sport, with amateurs and pros relying on their clubs. Last Friday, Scotty Cameron sent out a limited number of Concept X 7.2 putters to select Titleist retailers, and they were a massive hit. After making and few calls and a bit of luck, resellers that managed to score one of these clubs had an incredible opportunity on their hands. These putters are now reselling double or more what they retailed for.

Scotty Cameron Concept Putters

Golf is often considered a rich man’s sport, and the prices for certain clubs and equipment can certainly reinforce that image. Even amateurs can spend hundreds to thousands filling out their bags with the latest and greatest clubs.

Today we’re looking at the Scotty Cameron Concept X 7.2 putter. Largely based on their Phantom X 7, the Concept was designed as a limited edition run that combines cutting edge tech and the most popular features from their recent designs.

The bulk of the putter is made from 303 stainless steel, while certain pieces are replaced with lightweight aluminum. An effort has been made to shave off weight and distribute it efficiently. This translates to a slick, almost military design.

In the words of Scotty Cameron: “The Concept X 7.2 LTD was inspired by the Phantom X 7.2, a Tour Only prototype we designed for professionals who want the best of both worlds – a putter that swings like a blade with the alignment benefit that comes from a plumbing neck, all with the stability of a mallet”

Do we know what that means? Not really, but it sounds pretty damn cool. Plus, all of the Concept X 7.2 putters are hand painted and hand finished for a completely bespoke product. All together, it’s an extremely attractive club, perfect for the average golfer who wants to feel like an above-average golfer.

Scotty Cameron Concept X 7.2 Price and Availability

Limited edition clubs from Scotty Cameron are not made widely available, and are produced in limited numbers. They’re sent to certain Titleist authorized dealers, who sell them at their discretion.

Scotty Cameron Concept X 7.2 putters were made available for sale on September 15 for $750. To get one, you’d have needed to call around to local retailers to see if they were getting any putters, and then putting in an order before they sold out.

These putters were available in both right and left hand versions. Right hand versions came in three lengths: 33″, 34″, and 35″, while left-handers were limited to 34″ shafts exclusively.

Concept X 7.2 Putters Resell

Because of the exclusive nature of these putters and the limited amount produced, they were a prime target for resellers. It didn’t take long for retailers to sell out of their stock. By Friday afternoon, pretty much all of the putters were spoken for.

Currently, a Scotty Cameron Concept X 7.2 putter is reselling for about $1,400, with several sales past the $1,500 mark. Depending on the size and orientation of the putter ordered, its value on the aftermarket can vary slightly.

Left-handed models tend to sell for the most, with sales regularly exceeding $1,600. This makes sense as the left-handed putters were produced in smaller numbers than the right-handed versions. Additionally, 35″ shafts are more valuable than shorter putters, and these also can resell for $1,600 or more.

No matter what variant you pick up, they were all profitable. Scotty Cameron Concept X 7.2 putters retailed for $750, and almost all of them have sold for about double that amount. This was a great flip for resellers that jumped on it early.

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