2023 Scotty Cameron My Girl Putters Are Selling for $2,000

This one is for the ladies

2023 Scotty Cameron My Girl Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • The 2023 Scotty Cameron My Girl putter releases tomorrow

  • Most have already been claimed for $750

  • Confirmed preorders are reselling for $2,000

You might know this already, but there’s a lot of money in golf. The stereotype exists for a reason, and golfers are known to throw around some serious cash to outfit themselves. Today we’re looking at a new release from Scotty Cameron, the 2023 My Girl putter. Built specifically for women, this club is the latest addition to a long running tradition. Even before their release, these clubs have begun to trade for well, well over what they retailed for, and netting resellers a thousand dollars or more in profit.

Scotty Cameron My Girl Series

First, let’s take a look at who is making these clubs. Scotty Cameron is both the company and the man behind a line of high quality and limited production line of golf equipment.

They’re especially well known for their putters, which have resold for incredible prices. Earlier this year, the Concept X 7.2 was trading for around $1,400, earning resellers hundreds in profit per putter.

Since 2002, the company has been making a line of putters called “My Girl“. They’re specifically fitted for female golfers, and are a very limited production. Each year the design is tweaked, refreshed, and updated, and sold out.

2023 My Girl Putters

This year’s My Girl putter is one of the finest yet. At its core, it’s a precisely machined tool made out of incredibly expensive material. Visually though, it’s striking. The 2023 My Girl putter is as much an aesthetic achievement as it is a sporting instrument.

Steel and aluminum combine with a distinct turquoise finish make for a distinct appearance, while a recurring “XOXO” motif endears the putter to its wielder.

Scotty Cameron My Girl putters are all 34″ long with a single construction. There’s no alternate heads, designs or materials, although buyers do have the option to submit their clubs to the Scotty Cameron custom shop after purchase.

2023 Scotty Cameron My Girl Putter Price and Availability

The 2023 My Girl putters are quite a limited product. Previous My Girls have been produced in batches of under 2,000, and it seems like this one is no different. 2023 Scotty Cameron My Girl putters cost $750, which is similar to other putters from the company.

Availability is another story. Scotty Cameron doesn’t sell their clubs directly; you need to buy through an authorized Titleist dealer.

When the clubs were announced on November 7, golfers immediately began calling their local (or not-so-local) dealers to see if they were getting any My Girls, and then trying to secure one. The 2023 Scotty Cameron My Girl putter officially releases tomorrow, November 17, but many of the clubs have already been sold through dealers.

2023 Scotty Cameron My Girl Putters Resell

Even though these clubs haven’t even released, they’re already reselling. If you thought $750 at retail was steep, just wait to see what these are going for on eBay.

Right now, a Scotty Cameron 2023 My Girl putter is reselling for upwards of $2,000. These are confirmed preorders so technically the sales aren’t quite confirmed, but as long as the buyers dont pull out, these putters have netted resellers upwards of $1,000 in profit per club.

Scotty Cameron My Girl For Sale

While getting a preorder wasn’t exactly easy, it was by no means impossible. Just calling around to stores near you was enough to snag an order, and several resellers reported that they ordered several clubs in under an hour of making calls.

Missed these? RC Elite members didn’t. This club was posted in the group well in advance of its release, and members were instructed on what they needed to do to secure a preorder. Now they’re 24 hours away from picking up a $2,000 putter from their local Titleist dealer.

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