Beyoncé's Signed "Cowboy Carter" Vinyl Resell for Thousands

They retailed for $40!

Beyonce Signed Vinyl Cowboy Carter Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Beyoncé’s new album “Cowboy Carter” just got a vinyl pressing

  • Signed copies were available at two record stores for $40

  • Resellers are flipping them for close to $2,000

Every so often, a flip comes around that’s almost impossible to believe. We’ve been around long enough to have seen a few, and what we’re looking at today fits the bill. Over the weekend, signed vinyl versions of Beyoncé’s new album “Cowboy Carter” were sold through select record stores in L.A. These were immensely popular and sold out fast. Pretty predictable, right? Well, those records are now reselling for nearly fifty times what they cost at retail. We would call that a pretty good flip.

Cowboy Carter Signed Vinyl

It’s true, we do like talking about vinyl. Since we’ve been running this site, we’ve covered all kinds of releases from every genre under the sun.

Stoner metal classics, EDM Christmas records, even video game vinyl. What do they all have in common? People are willing to pay out the nose for them. If you’re a reseller and you’re not chasing vinyl, this should be your sign to start.

Back to Beyoncé. If you haven’t heard it yet, her newest record “Cowboy Carter” is 27 songs of country-meets-RnB. Willie Nelson even appears as a sort of pseudo-DJ.

“Cowboy Carter” released on March 29 to solid reviews. Two weeks later, vinyl records of the album began hitting stores, and that’s where our story begins.

Two stores in the L.A. area were selling signed vinyl versions of “Cowboy Carter” over the weekend. These were Supervinyl and Amoeba Music, both located in Hollywood. Signed versions of the record were $40, and believe us, they did not last long.

These are not the limited edition “Beyince” covers, but rather standard versions of the album that include a signed poster. That’s probably a net positive for her fans, as the limited editions are missing five songs compared to the standard ones.

Signed Cowboy Carter Vinyl Resell

Very surprising, we know. Although if you’ve heard anything about Beyoncé’s fans, maybe you could have seen this coming.

Although stock wasn’t super limited and each store had a few hundred copies of the vinyl, there were a lot of people who wanted one. Don’t forget, the stores that carried them were in Hollywood, which put it well within reach for twelve million people.

Right now, “Cowboy Carter” signed vinyl are reselling for upwards of $1,500 per record. Since they first sold out over the weekend, eBay has recorded fourteen different sales anywhere from $600 to $2,000.

Beyonce Cowboy Carter Signed Vinyl for Sale

As professional resellers, we can certify that this is a pretty good flip. We’re always happy to see people turning grocery money into next month’s rent.

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