Black Snoopy MoonSwatch Drops During the Solar Eclipse

And they disappeared even faster

MoonSwatch Black Snoopy OMEGA Swatch

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • New versions of OMEGA and Swatch’s “Snoopy” MoonSwatches dropped yesterday

  • The New Moon “Black Snoopy” cost $310, and were highly limited

  • Resellers are now flipping them for double that

Well, this has been a fun week. Hopefully you had a chance yesterday to see America’s last total solar eclipse until 2044. Between eclipse-chasing travelers and people looking for merchandise and keepsakes, companies have made a lot of money cashing in on the event. One of these products was a new “MoonSwatch”, part of an ongoing collaboration between OMEGA and Swatch since 2022. These were the Black Snoopy MoonSwatches, and they’re now reselling for close to $1,000.

OMEGA X Swatch MoonSwatch

First, let’s do a little backstory. Back in 2022, OMEGA and Swatch first announced their new Bioceramic MoonSwatch collection.

11 watches, all of them based on the various celestial bodies of our solar system; the Moon, the Sun, Venus, even Pluto. The faces are largely based on OMEGA’s designs, while the internals are powered by Swatch’s quartz movements and made from their unique “Bioceramic” material.

Omega Swatch Mission to Moonshine gold watch

The collection was a huge hit. They’d follow it up with a special “Mission to Moonshine” design in 2023 that incorporated OMEGA’s distinct “Moonshine Gold”. These watches were significantly more limited than the other pieces from the collection, and this is where resellers first started getting heavily involved.

We covered them when they first released in 2023, and the collection remained mostly dormant until earlier this year when OMEGA and Swatch reunited for their “Snoopy” MoonSwatches.

Omega Swatch Snoopy MoonSwatch Reseller

Again, you can read our coverage on them here, but the TL;DR is that these designs are unique, popular, and very hard to find.

New Moon "Black Snoopy" MoonSwatch

And now we’re back again. Yesterday, April 8, select Swatch stores across the globe opened their doors during the eclipse to sell a new addition to the collection.

“Black Snoopy” MoonSwatches are the Yin to the earlier pieces’ Yang. Largely the same design but this time finished in black, OMEGA and Swatch are continuing to capture peoples’ interest with this collection.

These have the same mechanism and five-face dial as the White Snoopys. Notably, they also include a moon phase tracker engraved with a subtle design that only shows under UV light.

Black Snoopy MoonSwatch UV Detail

Why is Snoopy featured so heavily on these designs? Well, it’s kind of a funny story. Snoopy actually has a long history with NASA, and engineers working on spaceflight projects can receive the “Silver Snoopy” award for significant contributions to safety.

Since 1968, the cartoon dog has served as a semi-official mascot within NASA and spaceflight in general. Charles Schulz was happy about the connection, and several pieces of Peanuts memorabilia have been sent into space.

Swatch first started teasing the Black Snoopy MoonSwatches back in March through Instagram, but only fully confirmed them last week. Like the other recent releases from the collection, these are billed as “non-limited”, but the reality is quite different. It’s believed that most stores that sold them received only 10 to 35 Black Snoopy watches at a time.

If that’s non-limited, we’d hate to see what Swatch considers actually limited. The Black Snoopy MoonSwatches cost $310. They were only available on April 8 through a handful of stores. If you missed this drop, don’t hold your breath waiting for a restock.

Black Snoopy MoonSwatch Resells

And as always, there are plenty of people out there with more money than patience. Since we’ve been tracking the MoonSwatch collection, we’ve seen them resell time and time again. This drop is no different.

Black Snoopy MoonSwatches are reselling for about $700. For people outside the path of totality, this was an ideal flip. Getting one wasn’t easy, don’t get us wrong, but not impossible.

Black Snoopy MoonSwatch for Sale

If you did get lucky and you were fast enough, congratulations. That’s an easy $400 or so from a single trip to your local Swatch store.

Missed it? RC Elite members didn’t. They were tipped off ahead of time, and knew to go after these watches while everyone was outside staring at the sun like idiots.

Black Snoopy MoonSwatch Resell Calendar

If you’re tired of missing out on cool products and product flips, maybe you should join RC Elite too.

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