Sun Chips Solar Eclipse Limited Edition Bags Will Resell

Choose one: rare astronomical phenomenon, or a bag of chips?

Sun Chips Solar Eclipse Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Sun Chips is giving away 100 bags of special chips on April 8

  • They will be available for four minutes only, while the eclipse is overhead

  • They will almost definitely resell

Hopefully by now you’ve heard that there’s an eclipse coming up. As an American, your first thought is probably “what kind of snacks should I buy?” Well, Sun Chips has got you covered. They’ll be selling an ultra-exclusive and limited edition bags of chips during the eclipse. As in, you have to go to the website while the eclipse is overhead to buy these. We expect these not only to sell out, but resell for well over whatever they retail for.

Solar Eclipse Sun Chips Flavor

On April 8th, a total solar eclipse will cross North America. Starting in southwest Mexico and stretching all the way to Newfoundland, this is the first total eclipse visible in the States since 2017, and the last until 2044.

Sun Chips Solar Eclipse Path

If you haven’t made plans to see this, we strongly urge you to consider it. A total solar eclipse is a surreal sight. For some people, this may very well be the only opportunity they’ll have in their lifetime. Yes, traffic will be hell, and hotels are almost fully booked by now, but what’s life without a few annoyances.

But no matter how much we might say otherwise, some people just won’t care. If your plans for April 8 are looking at your phone instead of the sky, we can at least give you an opportunity to make a little money.

At 1:33 P.M. Mountain Time, Sun Chips will be dropping an exclusive flavor of their chips. The unique blend of Pineapple Habanero and Black Bean Spicy Gouda “combines the bright heat of the sun with the spicy cheese of the moon”.

Alright. There are only 100 of these bags available, and it’s a first-come, first-serve situation. While everyone else is out watching the eclipse like a moron, you could be inside buying chips online.

Will the Solar Eclipse Sun Chips Resell?

Well, probably. We do like talking about things that resell here on Resell Calendar. Considering how limited these bags are and how much competition there will be, we expect them to very popular.

Sun Chips is pitching them as a “2024 Solar Eclipse Limited Edition” item too, so even if someone isn’t planning on eating them, they can put them on the shelf with all their other eclipse-related knickknacks.

And there’s definitely a precedent for gimmicky food and drinks that resell. In the past, we’ve covered products like Coca-Cola’s “Happy Tears” crossover with TikTok, Reese’s 3 pound Peanut Butter Pie abominations, and Maple Syrup flavored Pepsi.

Mustard Skittles for Sale

These all have a few things in common: they’re novel, they blew up on social media, and they were limited releases. The Eclipse Sun Chips have at least two of these in the bag now, and they’re already getting a fair amount of social media coverage as we write this.

These will definitely, 100% sell out, probably within seconds of going live. Well, technically they’re free. Sun Chips is giving them away as part of a sweepstakes during the eclipse.

Our verdict? If you’re completely deadset on skipping the eclipse, you might as well check in on Sun Chips’ website and try to snag a bag while you can. Chances are you’ll be able to make some quick easy money if you do.

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