How to Sell Vinyl Records for Profit and Fun

The return of vinyl is perfect for resellers

How to sell vinyl records

Key Points;

  • Vinyl’s recent resurgence as a tangible, high-quality recording makes it attractive to collectors

  • Older pressings will generally be more valuable, but there are new releases that will resell for more than they cost at retail

  • There are many factors that go into a record’s value. Scarcity, the artist, pressing, and a signature should all be considered

Is there something about vinyl that speaks to you? Do you like the idea of collecting, trading, buying and selling records? Or maybe you’ve heard that there are people willing to pay serious cash for the right record. No matter what your reasoning, becoming a vinyl reseller is far simpler than it might seem. With a good eye, and a little research, you’ll be flipping vinyl before you know it.

The best vinyl records to sell

You may think the best way to become a vinyl reseller is to flip vintage records, but that may no longer be the case. With the advent of the internet, it’s easy for the owner of a record to quickly find out how much it’s worth. It may be a bit harder to find a great deal on a rare record nowadays.

On the other hand, we are in the middle of a legitimate renaissance in modern vinyl. After decades of near-obsolescence, vinyl has emerged as the premier choice for collectors and dedicated fans. Artists will often choose to release their newest work on vinyl in limited numbers as a special edition.

When finding vinyl records to resell, you should weigh four aspects: the artist, scarcity, pressing, and a signature.

The artist and album is obviously the most important aspect to determine if a vinyl record will resell. Music from mainstream artists like Paul McCartney, Eminem, and Taylor Swift tends to hold the most value to collectors. Well received albums also tend to resell better than flops.

Taylor Swift Heart Vinyl

Taylor Swift’s recent heart-shaped Lover vinyl sold extremely well

The number of records manufactured in each pressing is also important, and the lower the better. A limited run of 500 to 1,000 records is ideal for reselling. With popular artists, pressings of 10,000-30,000 can still work, as demand will be strong.

When a batch of vinyl is produced, it is called a pressing. The first pressing of an album, which generally accompanies the public release of an album is often the most valuable. Rereleases and later pressings are less popular with collectors. If you’re wondering how to become a vinyl reseller, you’ll typically be looking at the first and last pressings of an album.

Finally, consider if the album is signed. An artist’s signature is not a requirement, but it can provide major value to the record. If it is signed, not whether the signature is on the cover or on an insert. Signatures directly on the album cover are more desirable.

How to find vinyl to resell

If your goal is to become a vinyl reseller, then you’ll need to focus on finding valuable records at low prices. Your first thought may be a record store, but chances are the store has a much better idea of their records’ worth, and you’ll be unlikely to get a very good deal.

For vintage records, garage sales and thrift stores can be sources. The sellers may have no idea what an album is worth, and are simply selling it to clear up space.

New vinyl releases are typically sold online, especially in limited numbers. Joining a group of resellers can be a great step towards becoming a vinyl reseller. Staying up to date on new releases and connecting with other people reselling vinyl. RC Elite has been picking up more and more vinyl releases lately, so if you want to get in on vinyl collecting or reselling, RC Elite may be the move for you.

One thing to note is that new releases will typically sell out very fast. Using a monitor or automated checkout system can help you beat the competition.

Where and how to resell vinyl records

You can resell your vinyl wherever you usually list products. eBay and Amazon are popular and easy ways to resell vinyl records. You can use your existing seller profiles through those sites and process transactions like any other product.

Discogs is another option for reselling vinyl records. They charge a slightly lower fee than comparable online marketplaces. Additionally, the vinyl focused aspect of the website makes it ideal for getting your records in front of collectors.

Sell Vinyl on Discogs

Discogs provides numerous resources for vinyl resellers

For vintage or niche items, Discogs may be the ideal choice, especially if you are reselling vinyl records in bulk.

Check out some of our other articles for a better idea of how to become a vinyl reseller. There’s a lot of vinyl out there, and not all of it resells. For more items and ideas, look through our catalog.

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