"Trump Guilty" Newspapers Easily Resell Online

And you can still find them

Trump Guilty Newspaper Reseller NYT WaPo

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Most newspapers dedicated their May 31 front page to Trump’s conviction

  • After newsstands sold out, resellers began listing them online

  • Prices range from $10 to $25

You’ve probably heard the news by now, but reality TV star and former US president Donald Trump has been found guilty on 34 charges of falsifying business records, making him the first felon to have occupied the Oval Office. Newspapers across the country have been gleefully printing the headline, and they’ve become quite a profitable object for resellers.

Trump Guilty Newspaper Headlines

A few months back, we covered a similar frenzy when Trump’s mugshot was first released. NYT, The Washington Post, LA Times, every local paper in the country and many others across the world got in on the fun.

Credit where credit is due, the man knows how to mean-mug. As the second president to be arrested (Grant was picked up for speeding in the 1870s), and the first to have a mugshot released, this was a seriously ripe opportunity.

At the time, these newspapers were reselling for as much as $50 at a time. The resellers who got ahead of it were able to clear out entire newsstands on the morning of August 25. For just a couple bucks per paper, the upside was incredible.

And now Trump has been found guilty, making him the first presidential felon. There were a lot of people very pleased to hear the news, and plenty of newspapers happier to sell it to them. Almost every paper across the country printed some variation of “Trump Guilty” on May 31.

Feel free to pick through them and find your favorites. While the NYT headlines are usually the most popular, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal were a bit punchier.

And if you’re a Trump fanboy yourself, The New York Post printed their own take on the news and characterizing it as “Injustice”.

New York Post Trump Guilty Newspaper

So there’s something fun here for everyone. Left or right, old or very old, you can find the right newspaper to hang on your wall. Or over your toilet.

Trump Guilty Newspapers Resell

Just like the Trump mugshot front pages, these newspapers are also proving very popular on the aftermarket. We’ve seen confirmed sales for pretty much every variation, and the sales are continuing to roll through well into June.

There’s no definite price for a “Trump Guilty” newspaper. NYT and WaPo versions seem to be going for $10 to $20, while the LA Times has seen sales for upwards of $25.

Trump Guilty Newspaper NYT for Sale

The most popular by far is the New York Times. While their design isn’t the most eyecatching, it seems to be good enough. Meanwhile, New York Post Trump-defending papers are also top sellers, usually flipping for about $15.

And in between all these average sales, there are also a handful of surprising ones. We’ve seen a few NYT papers sell for over $100.

Trump Guilty Newspaper for Sale

This is probably just a reseller selling the paper to themselves in an attempt to puff up prices. It’s a fairly common tactic, especially for weird, semi-intangible flips like this where the item’s retail value has little bearing on its resell price.

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