Trump Mugshot Newspapers Will be Highly Collectible

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Donald Trump Mugshot Newspaper

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • The Friday, August 25th issue of many newspapers will feature Donald Trump’s mugshot on the cover

  • Major publications like New York Times are available for $7 or less

  • Newspapers commemorating major events like this are worth lots of money to collectors

What’s in the daily news? We’ll tell you what’s in the daily news. Donald Trump’s mugshot! ‘Nuff said.

Donald Trump Mugshot Newspapers

With Donald Trump’s arrest photo released Thursday evening from Fulton County jail, a historic and infinitely memetic historical event was marked. And especially with the very unprecedented and headline-grabbing nature of this photo being released, you can bet your bottom dollar that newspaper printers across the country are working overtime.

Newspapers like the New York Times, Washington Post, New York Post, and Chicago Tribune (to name a very small few) are expected to have Trump’s mugshot mark the covers of their respective Friday, August 25th issues — and expect the same to be true for essentially every other daily newspaper, too.

The Trump Mugshot Newspaper as a Collectible

People have collected newspapers for as long as newspapers have been around. They’re commemorative of different events by their very nature, many of which become more or less “historically relevant” over time.

For example, the January 3rd, 2009 issue of The Times (pictured below), which is directly cited by Satoshi Nakamoto in the Bitcoin Genesis Block, is thought to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars per copy.

the times 2009 valuable newspaper example

While newspapers with Donald Trump’s mugshot are obviously going to be more hoarded by collectors, and therefore easier to find on the aftermarket, there is still plenty of recent precedence for their short-term value.

Prices of Recent Donald Trump Newspapers

By searching the query “trump newspaper” on eBay, we can see that 321 listings have sold on the platform in the last 3 months.

Donald Trump Mugshot Newspaper Prices

As for specific examples and sales numbers, we can see that top sales in this period include the January 1st, 2017 (inauguration) Washington Post newspaper for $125, the January 7th, 2021 “TRUMP INCITES MOB” paper from New York Times for $100 plus $6 in shipping, and the November 9th, 2016 Los Angeles Times from the presidential election for $99.99 plus $6 in shipping.

Donald trump newspaper sales on eBay

Where to buy Trump Mugshot Newspapers

The top 6 daily US newspapers in terms of circulation are The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and New York Post.

Most of these newspapers should be available almost anywhere newspapers are sold across the US (book stores, grocery stores, newsstands, airports). Depending on where you live, there will also be plenty of local options.

As for which will hold the most collector value — the more popular the newspaper, the wider the appeal. Although it must be stated that the more popular a newspaper is, the less rare it will be. So, if you’re a collector, it may be worth grabbing a mix of papers.

Buying it to collect? Buying it to resell? Buying it to burn? Buying it to hang on your wall? Whatever the case, there’s no doubt that this newspaper is going down in Donald Trump history.

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