NotoriousEDC Worry Stones Sell Out Fast

Less stress, more profit

Notorious EDC Worry Stone Micarta Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • NotoriousEDC produced a limited run of micarta worry stones for $80

  • They all sold out fast

  • Resellers have flipped them for up to $120,  but sales are slow

Earlier this week, the EDC manufacturer Notorious produced a new run of micarta “worry stones”. While the company is mainly known for their multitools and compact knives, they also sell all kinds of knickknacks that slip into your pocket. Slick branding and quality materials have led to a dedicated following, and their new worry stones sold out quickly. Now resellers are making money by flipping them.

Notorious NFG Worry Stones

So just what is a worry stone? Well, they’re similar in concept to a fidget spinner, although much less annoying.

If you’ve got a nail-biting or finger-picking habit, you might understand the urge to fiddle with your hands when you’re stressed, anxious, or just bored. A worry stone taps into that same urge and redirects to harmless and soothing outlet.

Simply put, it’s a rock that fits in your pocket. You rub it or play with it whenever you want, and slip it back into your jeans when you’re done.

They’ve picked up more attention lately as a tool in cognitive behavioral therapy, also known as the less-fun CBT. Therapists recommend them for all kinds of situations, and some people may carry them just for the comfort.

NotoriousEDC is a an American company that produces, surprise, everyday carry goods. Knives, bottle openers, all kinds of doodads and whatchamacallits that fit in your back pocket.

They’ve built a pretty solid brand and sell decorative products as well, including patches. It helps that EDC nerds are always looking for the next new thing, and don’t mind forking over silly amounts of cash to have it.

Notorious recently started selling their first worry stone. These are made from micarta which has been pressed into a rhombus. Notorious’ logo is is formed from the raised material.

NotoriousEDC NFG Worry Stone

These are $80. Or rather, were. All of them are sold out, and it seems like they disappeared pretty fast. Like we said, EDC nerds and their money.

Notorious Worry Stones Resell

Resellers were aware of this drop, and we know at least of few of them bought in before the drop sold out. $80 a pop for a piece of plastic (it’s very nice plastic) is steep, sure, but the company has a good track record.

It’s still pretty early and sales are slow, but it does seem like at least one reseller has turned a profit. We can see a confirmed sale through eBay for $120. Depending on shipping and fees they were able to net $40 or so on one of these worry stones.

NotoriousEDC Worry Stone for Sale

It’s not the craziest thing we’ve ever seen, but it is a good sign. We’re always on the lookout for new opportunities, and when a company is able to move $80 chips of plastic in just a few hours it definitely catches our eye.

Stay tuned for more drops from NotoriousEDC. Clearly whatever they’ve got cooking is proving popular. As always you can stay subscribed to our newsletter if you want those opportunities sent right to you. It’s a big world, and there’s all kinds of things waiting for you to scalp them.

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