Tesla CyberHammers Resell for $3,000

One has even sold for $6,000

Tesla Cyberhammer Reseller Cybertruck

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Tesla recently produced a limited number of CyberHammers

  • They’re only available through the Tesla Referral Program for 35,000 points

  • Resellers are flipping them thousands of dollars

Last month, Elon Musk and Tesla spun up a new piece of merchandise as an incentive for Cybertruck referrals. The CyberHammer is a novel sledge design, clearly inspired by both the Cybertruck and the infamous hammer-versus-window moment during its reveal. Unlike most other pieces of Tesla merch, this cannot be purchased directly. You can only get one by referring others for either test drives or an actual Cybertruck purchase. Because of their rarity, resellers are flipping them for thousands.

Tesla CyberHammer Referral Program

Another day, another piece of Tesla merch that resells. We had a lot of fun over the last few years flipping products like the Tesla Surfboard, Not-a-Flamethrower, and diecast versions of the Cybertruck. Now we’ve got something else, although this is a little different.

Remember when the Cybertruck was first revealed, back in 2019? During the event, Elon Musk handed the stage over to lead designer Franz von Holzhausen to test its durability.

That video is always good for a laugh. Before this though, Franz also spent some time battering the truck’s doors with a sledgehammer.

A large part of the Cybertruck’s marketing has revolved around its sturdy construction. While there’s been a lot of talk lately about useless stuff like “crumple zones” and “pedestrian safety”, we all know that bulletproofed body panels is what really counts in a truck. That, and cupholders.

In any case, Cybertruck, hammers. You get it, right? Well, Tesla is now producing a very limited number of “CyberHammers”. These are industrial sledges, with a head clearly based on the distinctive silhouette of the Cybertruck iteself.

Tesla CyberHammer Cybertruck Design

Finally, a real tool for real tools. Considering Tesla’s poor safety record that has killed at least one billionaire, it’d be nice to have something like this to smash the windows open.

How to get a Tesla CyberHammer

Of course, something this can’t just be given out willy-nilly. Only 800 of these will be made, and according to Tesla they’ll only be given out in small batches.

And they’re not for sale either. They are only available through Tesla’s Referral Program.

To get a Tesla CyberHammer you’ll need to accrue at least 35,000 referral points. This equivalent to 35 test drive referrals, or three and a half purchases of a Tesla vehicle.

Tesla’s referral program is only available through the Tesla app. If you’ve got friends with money and don’t mind a little Ponzi-scheming, why not rope them in? Teslas are good cars anyway, even if they catch on fire a little or the steering cuts out when you’re driving.

Tesla CyberHammers Resell

With a product this exciting, rare, and a useless, you know people just have to have it. What kind of price could you put on something like this?

Well, right now Tesla CyberHammers are reselling for about $3,000. It seems like the first batch must have depleted by now, because they have since been removed from the app. Technically, they’re not reselling because they never “sold” in the first place, but come on, we have a brand name to uphold.

Tesla CyberHammer for Sale

This $6,000 sale is definitely an outlier

It seems like the first batch must have depleted by now, because they have since been removed from the app. Also, remember that this reward is only available for American Tesla referral program users. Everyone else will need to buy from a reseller.

We love the sound of that. If you want to learn more about flips like this, joining RC Elite will give you the inside edge on everything profitable. Elite members were tipped off to place Cybertruck preorders way back in 2019. Today, those allocations are worth hundreds of thousands.

Five years is a long time to wait for a flip sure, but these were as simple as a phone call and a minor deposit.

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