Starbucks and Stanley Link Up With New Summer Tumblers

How thirsty are you?

Starbucks Stanley Tumbler Summer Sunset Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Starbucks’ 2024 summer line includes new Stanley tumblers

  • The “Sunset Gradient” Stanleys are $55 and limited

  • Resellers have flipped them for more than $100

You can probably tell by now, but summer is rapidly bearing down on us. Sticky thighs, hot cars, and stuffy bedrooms; the greatest season comes earlier and earlier every year thanks to our friends at BP and Shell. It’s time to celebrate the best aspects of the Anthropocene with new plastic tumblers, part of a collaboration between Starbucks and Stanley. Resellers have been all over Stanley products in the past, and last week’s drop was just one more opportunity to pad their wallets with someone else’s hard earned money.

Stanley X Starbucks Summer Gradient Tumblers

Okay, quick refresher. Starbucks is Starbucks; big company known for serving drinks that stretch the definition of coffee.

Stanley is a drinkware manufacturer that pivoted from the blue collar market to stay-at-home moms, and generating massive profits during the hydration revolution. Their most popular product by far is their 40oz “Quencher” tumbler.

They’ve produced tons of them in various colorways, signing musical artists and other brands to produce limited runs of tumblers. We’ve covered plenty of these in the past. Their collaborations with Lainey Wilson were a reseller’s dream, and exclusive drops like Arctic Twist and Chocolate Gold are as easy as easy money gets.

Lainey Wilson Stanley Tumbler For Sale

And yes, they are just a tumbler. Double-vacuum sealed walls means hot stays hot and cold stays cold, and a 40oz capacity will satiate even the thirstiest soccer mom.

Last week, Stanley and Starbucks teamed up yet again to produce a new “Sunset Gradient” tumbler for Starbucks’ 2024 product line. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a blend of pink, gold, and orange, stamped with Stanley and Starbucks’ logos.

Stanley Starbucks Sunset Gradient Tumbler

First impressions for the design weren’t very positive. The worm has turned a bit lately on Stanley’s uglier designs, although that didn’t stop them from buying these.

The Sunset Gradient Stanley X Starbucks tumblers cost $55. They were available in-person only, either at a participating Starbucks location or at Target. Customers were limited to three per day, and the new summer collection went live last week.

Stanley Starbucks Summer Tumblers Resell

Following the release, resellers quickly began listing their hauls for sale online. Even though these tumblers were poo-pooed a bit online, it turns out that Stanley collectors’ overwhelming urge to hoard cups trumps and aesthetic concerns.

Right now, Stanley Starbucks Summer tumblers are reselling for about $80. Actual sales prices are all over the place, with some resellers managing to get upwards of $100 for their tumblers, although that’s uncommon.

Starbucks Stanley Summer Tumbler for Sale

While these sales come out to solid profits, they’re a noticeable dip from previous Stanley tumblers. We’ve seen the most popular designs regularly trade for over $100, sometimes $150. Even other Starbucks collaborations have flipped for more.

Is the Stanley craze finally dead? Probably not. Honestly, the fact that a design that most collectors considered ugly is reselling should be taken as a good sign. And while these are limited, they’re not limited-limited; you could buy these at most stores if you’re quick enough.

Chances are people just didn’t care about this drop that much, especially since they have other choices for Starbucks-branded Stanley tumblers. For resellers, they’re a modest flip. For collectors, a chance to satisfy their compulsions.

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