You Could Win a Baja Blast Stanley Tumbler Right Now

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Baja Blast Stanley Tumbler Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Prizes and sweepstakes are available for Baja Blast’s 20th anniversary

  • Buying products and redeeming codes can earn you Baja Blast coins

  • One of the prizes is a Mountain Dew-branded Stanley tumbler

Do you like soda? Do you like it enough to crack open multiple cans a day? If you’re living in America, that might already be your daily routine. We have a way for you to profit from it. Right now, Mountain Dew is running a promotion where you can win a variety of branded merchandise. One of these is a super rare Mountain Dew Stanley tumbler. With all the hype around these cups lately, getting your hands on one could be a serious payday.

Mountain Dew Anniversary Promotion

It’s hard to believe, but Baja Blast turns 20 this year. During the first decade of its life, the beverage was exclusively available at Taco Bell soda fountains. It wasn’t until 2014 that Mountain Dew finally started selling it outside the restaurant.

Since then it’s periodically been removed and restocked at stores whenever they need a quick marketing boost. People love the toxic waste-colored drink, and now Mountain Dew has brewed up a hell of a birthday party.

Baja Blast 20th Anniversary Reseller

From January to June, you can win prizes for drinking soda and redeeming codes. Here’s how it works:

Bajaversary Rules and How to Win

Mountain Dew has broken the contest into six periods, with a new one starting every month. The rules stay the same between periods, and they’re pretty simple.

To start racking up coins, you’ll need to buy one of nine participating products then the scan the code on the packaging. You’ll receive between 30 and 50 coins, but there’s a way to win even more.

Each day, there will be several “Instant Win” moments. The first person to submit an eligible product code after one of these moments will receive an Instant Win, and their account will be credited with 8,500, 20,000, 30,000, or 50,000 coins.

You can only receive two Instant Wins per tier, per account during the promotion, and you can only submit one code per account, per day.

Baja Blast Anniversary Prizes

There are two ways to redeem your Baja Blast coins. You can either enter a sweepstakes, or purchase items from the Baja Blast shop.

The sweepstakes costs 10 coins to enter, and new prizes refresh every month. Right now the prize is a “Baja Blast Surf Essentials” package that includes a GoPro and Garmin Forerunner 265, estimated at a $1,000 value.

Baja Blast Anniversary Sweepstakes Reseller

And while you can enter the sweepstakes multiple times, we’re more interested in the Baja Blast shop. There are tons of items for sale here, from free meals to booty shorts.

Prices here start at 8,500 coins, meaning that unless you have a serious soda addiction, you’ll need to get lucky and pick up multiple Instant Wins to take home anything good.

Take a minute to browse the shop. There’s plenty of Baja Blast swag up for grabs right now, but our personal favorite is the Mountain Dew branded Stanley tumbler.

Baja Blast Anniversary Prizes

If you’ve been reading our blog, you’ll get why that’s such a big deal. Stanley has been absolutely killing it lately, and resellers have been able to flip their products for well over retail. Limited edition designs and celebrity crossovers have been the most popular, which makes this tumbler even better.

There were only 240 Baja Blast Stanley tumblers produced in total, and as of this writing we’re down to 120. The clock is ticking, and the only way to secure one of these tumblers is to start slurping down cans of Baja Blast.

At least one reseller has listed their Stanley for sale at the reasonable price of $800. Hey, a little optimism never hurt anyone, right?

Baja Blast Stanley Tumbler for Sale

We recommend next time you make a Taco Bell run, spring for a Baja Blast. Add it to your grocery lists, make multiple accounts, and try your luck. It could be your ticket to easy money.

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