New Lainey Wilson Stanley Tumblers Are Going For $100

Déjà vu, or just consumerism?

Lainey Wilson Stanley Tumbler Gold Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Stanley and Lainey Wilson have teamed up again for a new tumbler

  • “Country Gold” Stanley tumblers were available for a limited time at $55

  • They’re now reselling for $100 or more

Fans of country music and drinking liquids are having a great week. On Tuesday morning, a new set of Lainey Wilson branded Stanley tumblers went up for sale. Just like last time, they sold out fast, and just like last time, they’re reselling. Some of these tumblers have sold for more than three times what they retailed for. The best part? These were an easy buy. No bots, no monitors, no special tricks were needed. With a little awareness and an early heads up, you had a ticket to double your money (or more).

Lainey Wilson Country Gold Stanley Tumblers

Believe it or not, this is not the first collaboration between Stanley and Lainey Wilson. Back in July, we covered her “Watermelon Moonshine” 40 oz tumblers that became an instant hit with fans. Both the retailer and resellers made off with tons of profit on that drop, so it makes sense that they would go back for seconds.

Lainey Wilson “Country Gold” Stanley tumblers are essentially the same product as last time. They’re a 40 ounce tumbler based on Stanley’s Quencher H2.0 FlowState design. Double vacuum-sealed walls, BPA free construction, and cupholder compatible. God Bless America.


✨Introducing Country Gold✨ Y’all loved our first collab so much we just had to do it again! The 2nd Stanley X Lainey Wilson Quencher H2.0 Tumbler launches November 14th at 12 PM ET. #ad #StanleyQuencher

♬ original sound – Lainey Wilson

As we all know, a large jug to carry around sugary liquid is an important part of life. The finish on these is the most relevant bit. They use a rich burgundy base that’s been polished over with a gold sheen to produce a rich and multifaceted appearance from every angle.

Lainey Wilson Stanley tumblers in Country Gold were sold for $55 on November 14. Customers were limited to two per order.

And while these were a very popular product, they were actually pretty easy to buy. Based on what we saw, it took around 30 minutes for all of the tumblers to sell out. Compared to other releases we cover on this blog that disappear in seconds, this is one of the easiest flips we’ve seen recently.

Lainey Wilson Stanley Tumblers Resell

Because of how well the last collaboration resold, this new drop was on our radar. We knew a market was there, and that Lainey Wilson fans were downright excited to pay a massive premium to resellers for their very own jug.

A Lainey Wilson Stanley tumbler in Country Gold is reselling for $100 on average. A few resellers have (stupidly) sold theirs for less, but there are also many more sales above $100. At least one has sold for $200.

Lainey Wilson Stanley Tumbler For Sale

Remember, these were limited to two per order. At a minimum, going for this drop was an opportunity to pick up $100 for almost zero effort, with the possibility of making even more.

Let’s get to the fun part: speculation. While writing this article, we discovered something interesting about the previous Lainey Wilson Stanley tumblers in Watermelon Moonshine. After the drop in July, these were flipping for around $120.

Now the average price is over $200. It seems like in the months after release, Lainey Wilson fans worked up a remarkable thirst for these tumblers, and the lack of a restock meant that buying from a reseller was their only outlet.

We’re not saying the same thing will happen with these Country Gold tumblers. In fact, it probably won’t, or at least not to the same degree. People like having the first version of a product being made. Now that the Lainey Wilson X Stanley lineup has a second entry, the Watermelon Moonshine tumblers are paradoxically more valuable.

What it does show is that the demand for these tumblers is very real, and very strong. If you combine sales for both Watermelon Moonshine and Country Gold tumblers, you have over 500 different sold listings on eBay alone.

TL;DR, pay attention to future drops from this duo. People like Lainey Wilson, people like Stanley; people go hogwild when the two are merged into a single product. If you like money, keep an eye out.

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