Starbucks is Handing Out Free Reusable Straws Today

These could be an easy flip

Starbucks Reusable Straw Giveaway Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Purchase any iced drink and receive a free reusable straw from Starbucks right now

  • The promotion will run for today only

  • Collectable merch like this has resold in the past

We’ve got an easy way for you to beat the heat today, and maybe even make a little money. Starbucks is running a limited promotion for today only, July 10. Participating locations are handing out exclusive reusable straws with the purchase of certain iced drinks. Load up on sugar and walk away with a collectable item with one trip through the drive through. Here’s what you need to know.

Starbucks Reusable Rainbow Straws

Well, it’s hot. If you’ve opened a window today or, God forbid, stepped outside, you’d know all too well. Hopefully you’ve found a suitable American way to stay cool; air conditioning, working naked, or slugging down a thousand calories of an iced beverage.

And if you like a little caffeine with your sugar, Starbucks is probably a familiar stop by now. It’s time to fire up the app and make a to-go order, because there’s a special opportunity going on right now.

Today, July 10, participating Starbucks stores are handing out limited edition reusable straws with an exclusive design. Per Starbucks, you’ll receive a straw with any purchase of “handcrafted cold beverages including: Iced Energy beverages, Cold Coffees, Starbucks Refreshers beverages, Frappuccino® blended beverages, and Iced Teas and Lemonades.”

Starbucks Free Reusable Straw Details

Any size of drink will do, and you’ll receive one straw per drink. Load up the car with sweaty friends and make a trip out of it.

But you might be wondering why we care. Cold drinks are nice and all, but they don’t exactly lend themselves to reselling. Well, we’re pretty interested in these straws. Exclusive, collectable Starbucks merch like this can be very popular on eBay, and this might be a big opportunity.

Starbucks Reusable Straws Resell

Let’s look at some examples from the past. The obvious connection here is Stanley tumblers. People take their reusable drinkware seriously, and we’ve covered all kinds of different tumblers from Stanley and other brands that have resold.

Starbucks Stanley Holiday Tumbler For Sale

Sure, a tumbler and a straw aren’t the same, but they aren’t that different. There’s plenty of money changing hands when it comes to Starbucks merch in particular. Over the last few months, we’ve covered branded cups and tumblers that have all flipped for a profit.

Starbucks Halloween Cup For Sale

So we have all these drinks, but nothing to slurp them through. It’s a clear opportunity for an enterprising reseller.

Will these straws flip? Maybe. It really depends on how much attention they get online. If these blow up on TikTok like past products, expect to see a thriving resale market for them.

And if you consider the fact these are free with the purchase of an iced drink, the risk is pretty minimal. Do your research, check social media, take a look at some nutrition facts, and make the call.

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