Starbucks Stanley Holiday Tumblers Are Going for $100+

And you could buy a bunch of them

Starbucks Stanley Holiday Red Tumbler Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Starbucks dropped new holiday tumblers made by Stanley

  • They were available at most Starbucks stores on November 2

  • The $50 tumblers are flipping for $100 to $150 now

Did you make any money yesterday? Did you make $1,000 in a few hours? RC Elite members did. Yesterday morning, Starbucks sold limited numbers of special Stanley tumblers at locations across the U.S. Holiday cups like these are a big deal to die-hard fans of the chain, and pretty much every store was sold out in a few hours. Now these Starbucks Stanley holiday tumblers are reselling for two or three times what they retailed for, and netting retailers hundreds in profit.

Stanley Red Holiday Tumblers at Starbucks

Picture this: you’re headed to Starbucks in search of your next big drink. A hundred grams of sugar, a little caffeine, 15 pumps of goo, and you’re almost in heaven.

But hold on a second. What are you gonna drink that out of? The plastic cup they handed to you through the window? Like a dork?

No way. A real Starbucks stan would bring their own chug jug, or they’ll at least keep one around for making coffee at home. Something big, ostentatious, and pointlessly expensive.

Branded Starbucks tumblers are a popular choice for fans of the chain, and the holiday designs are always favorites. Each year they’ll wait to see what Starbucks has cooked up for them, and each year these tumblers will sell out.

This year, Starbucks has teamed up with Stanley to produce special Holiday Red tumbler exclusively for the chain.

The design is… really quite plain. It’s red, Holiday Red, to be specific. The lid is red. There’s a band of stainless steel at the top. The words “Starbucks + Stanley” are embossed on the side. Doesn’t it just get your heart fluttering?

It certainly does for some people. Like we said, Starbucks tumblers are a big deal. A big, big, deal; certainly enough to spend a ton of money on.

The Starbucks Stanley Holiday tumblers were first sold at local Starbucks locations on November 2, 2023. They cost $50 each. Distribution was a bit random, with the most heavily trafficked stores getting the most and smaller locations only receiving one or two.

To get one, you’d need to get up early. Most Starbucks open between 4 and 6 A.M, and there would be lines and other people rushing to get one. That said, most locations did not enforce any product limits. You could snatch up as many tumblers as your stubby little arms could fit, and then move on to the next store and keep it going.

And believe us, you did want to buy these cups.

Starbucks Stanley Holiday Tumblers Resell

Because of their widespread popularity and limited production, Starbucks Holiday tumblers an extremely lucrative opportunity for resellers. RC Elite members were tipped off to them before the tumblers hit stores, and many members would go out of their way to stock up on them.

If you could get to the stores in time, it was possible to buy up multiple tumblers then flip them for a profit. Starbucks Stanley Holiday tumblers are reselling for $100 at a minimum, with many more sales at $120, and even some creeping past $150.

Starbucks Stanley Holiday Tumbler For Sale

Within 24 hours of the tumblers first being sold, eBay recorded over 150 aftermarket sales. As the year draws to an end and the days get colder and Christmas-ier, expect these to continue selling at a premium.

Missed out on this drop? Maybe you should join RC Elite. Members were notified early and able to make plans to start buying as many tumblers as they could find. By the end of the day, many had made hundreds, even thousands of dollars in profit.

Starbucks Stanley Tumbler Resell Calendar

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