TaylorMade Restocks Rare Headcovers, And They Resell

Another huge win for golf dweebs

TaylorMade Discontinued Putter Covers Restock Resell

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Nine discontinued putter covers returned to TaylorMade’s site on June 25

  • Some of these have been out of production for years

  • The restocked designs are selling for two to three times retail

Earlier this week, TaylorMade opened their vault and reproduced some of their most popular putter headcovers. With discontinued designs from as far back as 2019, this was an opportunity for people to wind back the clock and correct their past mistakes. Of course, nothing lasts forever. This restock sold out very fast, and now resellers are making easy money by flipping the new headcovers to the people who missed out, again.

TaylorMade Vault Putter Headcovers

It’s been a great couple of months for golfers. Kith and TaylorMade linked up earlier this month with a massive collection, Tiger Woods launched his Sun Day Red brand in May, and Costco has spun up a line of cutting edge clubs at competitive prices (and got sued for it).

Between all this fun has been a of group resellers making an absolute killing. Golfers tend to be on the wealthier side, so finding the right clubs and gear to resell means higher than average profits compared to most products.

And today, we’ve got a few more to look at. TaylorMade just restocked several discontinued decorative putter headcovers. These include some of their most popular designs that have been out of production for years.

Last week’s drop included nine different headcovers. While all of them were popular, we’ll be focusing on three in particular: “Delivery Time”, “Mt. Fuji”, and “Dragon”.

TaylorMade Delivery Time Putter Cover

Feeling hungry? TaylorMade first introduced this putter cover back in 2019, and it’s been one of their most popular designs ever since. In fact, they even sell a similar design through their store under the same name, but the 2019 version is still more popular.

TaylorMade Delivery Time Pizza Putter Cover

After so many years off the market, the hype around these was intense. TaylorMade sold their “Delivery Time” putter covers for $80. Once they sold out, resellers have been listing them for around $150.

TaylorMade Delivery Time Cover for Sale

TaylorMade Mt. Fuji Putter Cover

If we set the clock forward a few more years, we’ll come across the “Mt. Fuji” cover. This was first released in December 2022.

It depicts Mt. Fuji with the rising sun above it. Blue, red, and white come together as an embroidered reproduction of traditional Japanese styling.

TaylorMade Mt Fuji Putter Cover Restock

TaylorMade Mt. Fuji putter covers are currently reselling for about $120, after restocking in the vault for $80

TaylorMade Mt Fuji Cover for Sale

TaylorMade Dragon Putter Cover

And to round out the Oriental aesthetic, TaylorMade has also reintroduced their “Dragon” head cover, which was first produced in February of this year.

What more needs to be said? It’s a big-ass green dragon wrapping itself around TaylorMade’s logo. This is the most recent cover reintroduced as part of TaylorMade’s vault opening, but there was still strong interest.

TaylorMade Dragon Putter Cover

Out of all the covers from the restock, TaylorMade’s “Dragon” putter cover is reselling for the most. The average eBay sale for one is coming in at around $150.

TaylorMade Dragon Putter Cover for Sale

Future TaylorMade Putter Cover Restocks

For the resellers that got in before everything sold out, this restock was extremely lucrative. You could expect to make two to three times what you put in on most of the items

Will TaylorMade restock their most popular covers again? We have no idea, but we’re guessing it might be some time before that happens. If they do, we recommend going after the most popular items, and flipping them fast.

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