Resellers Eye 2024 Nissan GT-R "Takumi" and "Skyline" Editions

Sayonara, and sweet dreams

Nissan GTR Takumi Skyline Resell Value

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Nissan GT-R production will end in North America this year

  • Two new editions will send the GT-R off: “Takumi” and “Skyline”

  • With less than 200 units and a $150,000 MSRP, this is worth watching

If you haven’t heard the news, production of the Nissan GT-R is finally coming to an end. To celebrate the model’s history and put a little extra cash in the bank, Nissan is spinning up two final variants of the supercar: “Takumi” and “Skyline”. With sparse details and a lot of anxious fans, resellers are beginning to seriously examine the value of these cars in the long run. Maybe they’ll hold their value, maybe they’ll become holy grails. One thing we can say for sure is no one will be forgetting the GT-R any time soon.

Nissan GT-R Discontinuation

It seems like it was just yesterday when we got our first glimpse at the Nissan GT-R. After the legendary Skyline R34, the GT-R lineage lay dormant for years, and collectors began to fear the car would remain a relic of the 90s.

In 2007, the GT-R roared into the scene. It had ditched the Skyline name, and was a pure embodiment of power, precision, and the relentless pursuit of speed. Six cylinders, four-wheel drive, two turbos, and one driver with a big, dumb grin on their face.

Since then, Nissan has continued to produce the GT-R, and people have continued to buy it. The cars have held their value incredibly well, with the initial run regularly reselling for above MSRP for nearly a decade.

Nissan GT-R R35 Bring a Trailer

R35s continue to sell at or above MSRP (Bring a Trailer sales data)

They’re beautiful, beastly cars. And after 17 years, they’ve had a much longer life than most. Still, good things come to an end. Earlier this month, Nissan confirmed that North American production of the GT-R will cease this October.

Is this sounding like a eulogy? It kind of is. If you’re as sad as we are to say goodbye to this car, you should know there’s still a little good news left.

Two new editions of the GT-R are in production right now. The GT-R “Takumi” and GT-R “Skyline” will serve as the apex of the car’s design. Here’s what we know:

Nissan GT-R Takumi Edition

Since its inception, the GT-R’s twin-turbocharged VR38DETT engine has been assembled, by hand, by a select group of takumi, master craftsmen “who are at the very top of their profession“.

Every engine bears the name of the takumi responsible for its genesis. Every inch measured, every turn of the wrench precise, every step memorized by rote. Only five men in the world hold this title.

The GT-R Takumi Edition is a salute to these men. The takumi badge on the engine is inscribed with bright red writing alongside a gold VIN plate. The cars are painted in “Midnight Purple”, and the interior is crafted with the esoterically exclusive “Mori Green”.

Nissan GT-R Takumi Reseller

And it inherits the same performance upgrades as the 2024 T-specs: carbon ceramic brakes, 20-inch wheels, NISMO tuning, and distinctly flared fenders.

It’s a looker backed up by 565 horsepower sent to all four corners. The Nissan GT-R Takumi Edition starts at $151,090, and is expected to be available at select Nissan dealers this summer.

Nissan GT-R Skyline Edition

And for those who just can’t let go of the past, Nissan is reuniting the Skyline and GT-R badges for the first time since 2002.

Nissan GT-R Skyline Editions are exclusively available in “Bayside Blue”, a color immediately reminiscent to anyone familiar with Japanese muscle. It was only reintroduced for the GT-R Anniversary Edition in 2019, and is an obvious choice to send the GT-R off in style.

Nissan GT-R Skyline Reseller

The interior is wrapped in all-new “Sora Blue” to complete the look. Like all other GT-Rs built after 2023, the GT-R Skyline Edition’s styling takes obvious cues from the R34.

The GT-R Skyline Edition will become available alongside the Takumi at an expected MSRP of $131,090. Nissan has advertised that “fewer than 200 units will be available” but its unclear if they mean per edition, or under 200 for both.

Nissan GT-R Skyline and Takumi Editions

Either way, these will be seriously rare and sought after cars. The GT-R’s debut in 2007 proved that Nissan still had what it takes to merge performance and automotive sex appeal, and a 17-year production period should tell you all you need to know about the GT-R’s popularity.

Now “Godzilla” is finally getting ready for its long nap. With unequivocal confirmation that North American production will stop in 2024, there’s no doubt that the rest of the markets will be wrapping up soon.

But what about these new editions? At $151,090 and $131,090 respectively, these are sitting at a similar MSRP to a 2024 T-spec.

Nissan GT-R Takumi Skyline MSRP

Let’s get to speculating. With this version of the GT-R on its way to the glue factory, it’s practically a guarantee that the next car to wear the badge will be fully electric. Almost every performance manufacturer has read the writing on the wall by this point.

Even Dodge has replaced the Hemi with a battery pack. 2024 represents the last chance for an enthusiast to command the power of a real ICE under the hood of a real GT-R. What will that be worth five years in the future? Ten years?

We have no idea. But what we can say is that these cars will be desirable, at least in the short term. It’s hard to see an outcome where anyone ends up losing money on them.

Yes, we know a $150k MSRP is a lot to ask. For most people, buying one of these cars is not a realistic option. Even for those with the capital, getting a dealer to sell it to you won’t be easy.

But we know there are some people out there looking for opportunities like this. If you’re serious about cars and GT-Rs especially, these two editions are the ones to watch. We’ll be keeping our eyes on them closer to launch

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