Squishmallow Rivka Plushes Sell Out in an Hour and Resell

This cow is outta this world

Rivka Squishmallow Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Rivka is the latest Select Series Squishmallow

  • The plush dropped on October 30 for $16

  • Resellers are flipping them for $50+

Earlier this week, Jazwares dropped a new Squishmallow. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, does it? Well, to Squishmallow collector, this was in fact a big deal. Big enough to buy up all the available stock, and big enough for them to seek out resellers to get their fix. Let’s take a look at the weird and wild world of Squishmallow collecting, and how you can cash in on it.

Squishmallow Rarity and Resellers

This is not the first time we’ve talked about Squishmallows on this blog. If you’re not familiar, Squishmallows are a line of soft plush toys. They range in size from just under 4″ to 24″, and are made from a remarkably soft and squishy material, hence the name.

They’ve also attracted quite a bit of interest. Squishmallows are a common sight in most retailers, but the company also produces special versions that can be pretty rare. We’ve talked about both the Jack the Black Cat Squishmallow and Pokemon Squishmallow crossover in the past, both of which are examples of highly collectible Squishmallows.

Jack the Black Cat Squishmallow for Sale eBay

Like any smart company, Jazwares has learned that limiting production and keeping certain products scarce is a great way to make money. If everything you make can be easily purchased, then nothing’s really that special.

Sprinkle a little FOMO in though? Now you can start making the real money.

Rivka Squishmallow

On October 30, a new Squishmallow would join the squad. Rivka is the latest soft and squishy character to be sold, a 12″ plush based on a cow. The plush is dark blue with patches of glittering, galaxy-like material. Of course, she also has a pair of horns and a wide snout.

Rivka Squishmallows cost $16. As for production numbers, this was a pretty rare Squishmallow. When these loaded at 9 A.M. Pacific, there were only 5,000 total units.

Rivka is a “Select Series” Squishmallow, which means they are a limited production plush, and sold exclusively through the Squishmallow website. Previously, Select Series Squishmallows were limited to 10,000 units, but new plushes have been pushed down to 5,000.

Additionally, Select Series Squishmallows do not restock. We’ve already gotten direct confirmation on this for the Rivka specifically.

So if you add all these factors together; the restricted supply, eager fans, and no chance of a restock; what do you get?

Rivka Squishmallows Resell

Angry collectors! But more importantly, frustrated, disappointed, impulsive collectors. Squishmallow collectors have a lot to say about resellers and how much they hate them, but continue to fuel the practice by buying Squishmallows at inflated aftermarket prices.

Right now Rivka Squishmallows are reselling for north of $50 at a time. These had no purchase limits either. Resellers were entirely free to stock up on as many of them as they wanted, and they wanted them all.

Rivka Squishmallow For Sale

Of course, Jazwares could take any number of steps to cut down on reselling. They could give advanced notice of sales through a newsletter to give collectors an edge. They could restock popular designs, or break down releases into multiple waves to drive down resale prices. They could just make more Squishmallows, especially the popular ones.

But they don’t. And Squishmallows fans continue to buy from resellers. Don’t like it? Stop doing it. Are you reading this blog right now and getting angry at the idea of someone profiting off of a Squishmallow? Don’t make a personality out of collecting Walmart merchandise.

Or do whatever you like. If you check out the rest of your site, you’ll find that resellers make money by flipping pretty much anything. Cars, cards, Barbies, beer cans; you really have no idea how much free cash is floating around out there until you see what people will are willing to pay.

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