Project Fred Soda Funkos Begin Reselling

Coke and Sprite with Chase variants too

Funko Project Fred Coke Sprite Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Funko’s newest Project Fred drop features popular soda brands

  • Two designs were available for $295, limited to 750 total units each

  • Resellers are flipping them for twice that

Earlier this week, Funko collectors were treated to a new drop. Project Fred designs in both a Coca-Cola and Sprite livery were available for a limited time only and at quite a hefty price. With the chance to nab a rare Chase variant and have something truly special to adorn their shelf, these ugly little statues sold out fast. Now resellers are flipping them for double what they retailed, or more.

Funko Project Fred

Quick question, can you remember anything major that happened on Monday, April 8? A solar eclipse? Limited edition Sun Chips? A new MoonSwatch?

While all of those are correct, none of them are nearly as important as what we’ll be talking about today. On Monday, Funko dropped two new figures as part of their “Project Fred” collection.

If you’re not familiar, Project Fred is a new initiative from Funko that produces limited edition and highly collectable products. These drops are done through EQL’s “Runfair” system, which is theoretically designed to defeat botters, scalpers, and all the undesirables that go about ruining Funko collectors’ days.

We are very, very scared. Funko first tested the system with Project Fred 01, a burger-flipping, blue-eyed, bow-tied version of their mascot back in March.

And now two new additions to the Project Fred lineup were added earlier this week. These are much uglier than the 01 drop, and even more popular. Let’s take a look.

Funko Project Fred Coca-Cola

Life isn’t worth living without a little Coke, wouldn’t you agree? Both of the new Funkos are based on soda brands, so of course Coca-Cola would get a spot.

The Project Fred Coca-Cola figure is 11 inches of hard plastic in a distinct Freddy Funko shape. It’s a distinct Coca-Cola red, and has the brand’s logo printed across the body.

Chase variants of the Project Fred Coca-Cola figure flip the colors with a white body and red text, as well as adding Coca-Cola’s branding in a variety of languages and scripts.

Funko Project Fred Coke Chase

Doesn’t that just look awesome? If you’re anything like us, you’d pay $295 for one in a heartbeat. Only 750 these would be produced, 75 of which were Chase variants.

Funko Project Fred Sprite

And if Coca-Cola is the Sun, Sprite must be the Moon. Remember, these Funkos dropped on the same day of the solar eclipse. We’ll draw a connection wherever we can.

The Sprite Project Fred Funko has the same dimensions, price, and production numbers as the Coke figures. Standard designs are a green-blue gradient with Sprite’s logo on the face, while Chase variants are based on Sprite’s design and slogan from the 70s.

Funko Project Fred Sprite Chase

Very cool, Funko! While we all know sugary drinks are awesome, collecting branded products is straight up badass.

Project Fred Soda Funkos Resell

With such a home run for a product, would you expect anything else? Funko produced 750 of each design, and everything was sold out in a few minutes. EQL’s Runfair system is essentially a proprietary raffle. You enter, you get a ticket, you either go home with a Funko or you don’t.

For those that did not get their hands on the shiny new toy they were coveting, there is another way. Currently, resellers are flipping Project Fred Sprite and Coca-Cola Funkos for upwards of $500.

Funko Project Fred Coke Sprite for Sale

It’s still quite early though. Presale listings were trading hands for about $500 prior to the drop, so the bump in price is definitely a nice surprise. As of this writing, no Chase variants for the Project Fred Soda Funkos have been listed. We’re anticipating those will do quite well, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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