New Dragonite Squishmallows Leaked and Resellers Are Ready

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Dragonite Squishmallow Leak Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Listings for a Dragonite Squishmallow accidentally leaked on Walmart’s site

  • While the Walmart plush was 10″, Pokemon Center usually sells 12″ designs exclusively

  • Previous Pokemon Squishmallows have resold for triple what they retail for

It’s been nearly 30 years since the creation of the Pokémon franchise, and it’s still making money. New merchandise is produced every day, from skateboards to chess sets to airliners. Naturally, resellers love it. Earlier this week, a new Pokémon Squishmallow design was leaked. Squishmallow collectors are now eagerly awaiting the release of the Dragonite Squishmalllow plush, and resellers just as excited.

Dragonite Squishmallow Leak

If you’ve been reselling for a minute, you’ll know that there’s a lot of money to be made flipping Squishmallows. Fans of the brand delight in throwing money at new designs, and share a special love-hate relationship with resellers. We provide the love.

Last year we covered several new releases, some of them solo drops, some of them collaborations with brands like McDonalds.

One of the most profitable flips was a set of Pikachu and Gengar Pokemon Squishmallows. When these released, fans of both brands went absolutely wild. Resellers could expect to flip these plushes for up to $100 at a time.

Pokemon Squishmallow Sales

That’s pretty damn good considering they retailed for $30. At their peak, some sellers managed to get over $200 for a plush.

So, a new Pokémon Squishmallow design is worth paying attention to. Last week, a Walmart listing for a 10″ Dragonite Squishmallow was accidentally posted. Fans spotted it and quickly started building hype.

While the listing is deleted now, we can gain some information from it still. For one, the design of the plush is notable. The Dragonite Squishmallow has a distinct bulbous nose and protruding wings and horns. Walmart had the 10″ design listed for $10.

Generally when Squishmallow does Pokemon crossovers, they sell different sized plushes through different platforms. 12″ designs are always the most popular, and these have usually been Pokémon Center exclusives.

So while nothing is confirmed, we have a strong feeling a 12″ Dragonite Squishmallow will be revealed soon, and almost definitely sold through Pokemon Center’s webstore.

When that happens, don’t hesitate to buy. People are already excited for this, and Squishmallow collectors have proved time and time again they’re willing to pay out the nose for Pokémon plushes.

Pokemon Marill Squishmallow

In January, unsubstantiated rumors went around that the next two Pokemon Squishmallow designs would be Dragonite and Marill. While fans were excited for the news, they didn’t really have much to go off.

Now that the Dragonite plush is all but confirmed, it seems likely Marill is in the works. Of the two we still expect Dragonite to be more popular, but Marill plushes will probably resell too.

Keep an eye out for both and be ready to buy. Squishmallows are easy money, and Squishmallow fans complaining about resellers is pretty entertaining on its own.

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