McDonald's is Handing Out Squishmallows With Happy Meals

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By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Exclusive Squishmallows are available as Happy Meal toys

  • 12 different toys are available, and they can be bought seperately

  • Some toys have sold for up to $10 on their own or $60 as a set

Kick off the new year right by loading up on fast food. Through January, participating McDonald’s locations will be giving out special Squishmallows toys in their Happy Meals. Squishmallow collectors are notorious for paying out the nose to have the latest toy. We’ll be looking at all the plushes included in the new collection, what they sell for, and whether we think it’s worth going after. Let’s dig in.

McDonald's Happy Meal Squishmallows

Ok, let’s talk turkey. Or more realistically, some sort of ultra-processed, oil-injected, mutant beef patty. We love McDonald’s, and hopefully you do too.

And if you’re anything like us, a McDonald’s Happy Meal is your go-to order. Sure, salt and fat is nice and all, but nothing beats the plastic of a new toy. McDonald’s is always shaking up the potential picks to keep things interesting.


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For January, certain McDonald’s are handing out exclusive miniature Squishmallow toys. If you haven’t heard of them, Squishmallows are a brand of plush toys based on various animals and characters.

They’ve absolutely exploded over the last few years, and Squishmallow collectors have proven time and time and time again that they’re willing to fork over inordinate amounts of cash to pad their shelves with the soft polyester playthings they so badly want.

Jack the Black Cat Squishmallow for Sale eBay

Rare Squishmallows have sold for $1,000+ before

What does this mean for resellers? When a new Squishmallow hits the market, especially one with any degree of exclusivity, you should be paying attention.

What Squishmallows are in McDonald's Happy Meals?

But first, let’s get specific. McDonald’s first started giving out Squishmallows with Happy Meals on December 26, and the promotion is expected to last until January 22.

There are 12 different Squishmallows included in the new McDonald’s Happy Meals. Both existing Squishmallows characters and McDonald’s mascots are available.

The full list of Squishmallows is as follows:

  • Grimace
  • Hamburglar (marked as the “mystery” plush)
  • Hans
  • Cam
  • Fifi
  • Sunny
  • Archie
  • Gordon
  • Kevin
  • Maui
  • Michaela
  • Prince

The toys are lettered from A to L. To get one, you have two choices. The obvious one is to buy a Happy Meal from McDonalds and ask for a toy. If the cashier is friendly, you can probably ask for a specific one.

Alternatively, you can try asking to buy the toys directly. It would help if you know someone working at McDonald’s, but the toys can be purchased for $1 or $2 at a time. If you’re looking to complete a collection, this is probably the best way to do it.

McDonald's Squishmallows Resell

And now for the fun part. These aren’t exactly the biggest Squishmallow release of the year, but collectors are interested in them. Many are not aware it’s possible to buy the toys they want directly, and are put off at the idea of repeatedly buying Happy Meals until they get the toy they want.

The upshot is that they are willing to pay a premium to get the things they want. Certain McDonald’s Squishmallows are more popular than others. The most valuable are the ones based on McDonald’s characters: Grimace and Hamburglar.

These resell for around $10 a piece. If you can pick them up reliably, it’s a great way to multiply your money.

However, selling low priced items like this means a significant portion of your profit can be eaten up by seller’s fees and shipping costs. Selling local is the better option, but you can also bundle the Squishmallows and sell them together.

A full set of all 12 McDonald’s Squishmallows looks to be reselling for around $50 to $60 right now. Assuming you’re able to buy them as cheap as possible, this a potential profit of $30 or more off a single trip to the Golden Arches.

McDonalds Squishmallow Full Set for Sale

If you or a buddy are already working there, this is a great opportunity. Pick up as many of these plushes as you can, resell them fast, and score triple digit profits in a few hours.

Remember, this promotion only lasts for one month. Here’s your chance to make some fast money, it’s up to you if you choose to take it.

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