Pet Simulator X Plush Hippomelon Resells for $2,000

Only 75 made, and now reselling

Roblox Titanic Hippomelon Plush Resells for $2,000

By RC Staff

Key Points:

  • Following the Titanic Balloon Cat plush drop in February, BIG Games released an ultra-exclusive Titanic Hippomelon plush on March 5

  • Only 75 of these were sold at $250 each. They came with an exclusive in-game pet

  • Unlike the previous drop, no advance notice was given for these. They now resell for $2,000




This is the difference between the sale price and resell price. It does not take into account any costs associated with reselling. Things like shipping, storage fees, if applicable.

Roblox Pet Simulator X Titanic Hippomelon Plush

This 25” tall “Hippomelon” plush comes with an exclusive in-game code to receive the equivalent pet in the popular Roblox game, Pet Simulator X. 

If you’re serious about Pet Simulator X, you should have bought one of these plushes. Or, if you like money, then you really should have bought one. That’s because the Titanic Hippomelon plush from BIG Games is reselling for upwards of 2 grand, after retailing for $250.

What is the Titanic Hippomelon plush?

First, if you haven’t read our article or item page for the previous Titanic Balloon Cat plushes, we recommend checking those out. The world of Pet Simulator X is a bit convoluted, and we won’t dive too deep in this article.

On March 5th, a little over a week after the Titanic Balloon Cat plushes sold out, BIG Games put out a tweet:


Surprise drop. Sales open now. Only 75 in stock.


At first glance, you might not know why this weird green plush is worth $250. It turns out though, that it’s worth a whole lot more.

That’s because if you bought one of these, you’d get a code for an in-game pet. Before now, these pets were a developer exclusive. Players knew what they were, but they were incredibly rare, and recognized as unattainable.

That is, until March 5th. Once the sales link went live, stock disappeared in seconds, mostly snapped up by bots. What happened next can only be described as a feast:

Titanic Hippomelon Plush For Sale

Currently, eBay has recorded 27 sold listings for the Titanic Hippomelon plush. Initially, most resellers sold theirs for only $700-$800, similar to the previous Titanic Balloon Cat plushes. This would prove to be a serious blunder, as the aftermarket quickly rose to $1,500, then $2,000 by the end of the day.

Eight more listings are currently for sale on eBay, all hovering around $1,800. This means at least half of the total stock of Titanic Hippomelon plushes sold were picked up by resellers.

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