Mark Your Calendars For the Olivia Rodrigo Stanley Tumbler Drop

Oh yes, these will resell

Olivia Rodrigo Stanley Tumbler Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Stanley just announced a new collaboration with Olivia Rodrigo

  • These $55 tumblers will be sold on July 9

  • Resellers are watching the drop closely

On the the heels of major album releases, world tours, and raking in unreasonable amounts of money, popstar Olivia Rodrigo is taking her career to the next level. That’s right, she’s getting her own Stanley tumbler. We’re predicting this will be one of the company’s biggest releases so far, and expect to see tons of sales and easy profits. Here’s everything you need to know to join in the fun.

Olivia Rodrigo Guts Stanley Tumbler

Okay, you’ve probably got plans for tonight. Maybe you’re headed to a barbecue, or a fireworks show, or just getting blackout drunk in the basement like our Founding Fathers intended. Before you crack your first beer, read this article and get ready to make some serious money.

Stanley recently revealed a major collaboration with Olivia Rodrigo. A limited number of exclusive tumblers will be dropping through Stanley’s site in just a few days.

These are built on Stanley’s H2.0 Quencher tumblers. 40 oz capacity, double vacuum-sealed walls, and access to an exclusive club of soccer moms, boy moms, and coke moms.

Olivia Rodrigo Guts Stanley Tumbler Reseller

The obvious kicker is Olivia Rodrigo’s name and branding. If you’re not all that into teenage pop, you might not be familiar with her. All you really need to know is she’s big right now and keeps getting bigger.

We covered a signed CD release for her album “Guts” back in September, and those were regularly flipping for $50+ at the time.

With her star power combined with the continued popularity of Stanley, we’re projecting one of the biggest drops for the company in some time. Olivia Rodrigo Stanley tumblers will be releasing on July 9. To keep things fair and shut the nasty bots out, Stanley will be dropping these through EQL’s “Runfair” system.

It’s essentially just a raffle. EQL has a whole technical page explaining the details here, but you don’t really need to know all the minutiae. Just enter like any other raffle and cross a few fingers.

Olivia Rodrigo Stanley Tumblers Resell

But now for the obvious question: will it flip? At $55 per, these tumblers aren’t exactly cheap. Will they be worth taking the risk on?

Yes. With no strings attached. Stanley is still the hottest tumbler brand on the market, despite competing designs trying to step on their toes. We regularly cover all kinds of new designs from them that resell for well over retail. With Olivia Rodrigo’s name stamped on it, there’s no doubt these will be very popular with both her fans and Stanley collectors.

If you want to draw a direct comparison, check out our articles on Lainey Wilson’s Stanley tumblers. The country star collaborated with the brand twice, and both tumblers ended up reselling for hundreds of dollars after their launch.

Lainey Wilson Stanley Tumbler For Sale

Resellers were able to double or triple their money within a few hours, and we saw a few outlier sales for upwards of $300. Olivia Rodrigo is an even bigger star than Ms. Wilson, so we’re expecting a larger turnout for her drop.

Our advice is to subscribe to Stanley’s waitlist for more details on the drop. These are expected to go live next Tuesday, but we don’t know the exact time, or how long the raffle window will be open. We strongly recommend you put your name in, and expect to make a nice profit if you manage to win.

Until then, subscribe to our newsletter. We cover all kinds of products, from Barbies to bottles of burger sauce. No matter what it is, we’ll talk about it if it’s worth reselling.

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