Olivia Rodrigo Signed Guts CDs Flip for Triple on eBay

$50 for a $14 CD? Yes please

Olivia Rodrigo Signed CD Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Olivia Rodrigo dropped a limited amount of signed CDs earlier this week

  • The CDs were $14, but only sold at four locations across the country

  • After supplies were bought up, they started reselling for $50+

Earlier this week, popstar Olivia Rodrigo dropped a number of signed CDs through various record stores. Shockingly, these sold out fairly fast. Well, really, really fast actually. Even more shockingly, a number of them were picked up by resellers and flipped for serious profit. Fans of Rodrigo are paying out tons of money to nab one of these signed CDs, and the resellers who got in early have secured themselves a nice payday. Let’s take a look.

Signed Olivia Rodrigo CDs

We probably don’t need to tell you that an artist’s signature is valuable. No matter who they are or what genre they play, if they have a following, they’ll be willing to pay for autographed merch. The bigger the star, the bigger that number ends up being.

Olivia Rodrigo is an American singer that’s been blowing up lately. Her most recent album, “Guts“, was released on September 8, 2023, and is being extremely well received. To celebrate, and to make some money, signed “Guts” CDs were produced and sold after the albums release.

What’s cool about these is that they were a semi-exclusive release. Olivia Rodrigo signed “Guts” CDs were not available online. Instead, they were sold through four different record stores in California, Colorado, Idaho, and Pennsylvania. Yes, four stores in total, for the whole U.S. (the world really).

Olivia Rodrigo Signed CD Stores

If you were in the area, or didn’t mind a drive, these CDs were absolutely worth going after. Rodrigo’s signature is directly on the front of the CD’s case, not the insert or a separate card. Many resellers saw the value in these CDs, which explains how so many of them ended up on eBay.

Olivia Rodrigo Signed Guts CDs Resell

You might think a popstar’s biggest fans are, well, their fans. In most cases, it’s actually resellers. We love the opportunities provided by all the merch, tickets, and autographed products they put out, and the legions of fans willing to fork over cash to have it.

In the case of Olivia Rodrigo, her fans are paying around $50 at a time for a signed CD. Considering these retailed at $14 through the record stores that carried them, every CD was an opportunity to triple their money.

Olivia Rodrigo Signed CD for Sale

Let’s give a big shout out to Olivia Rodrigo and her team. Keep up the limited releases, because they’re making us money. If you want to get in on opportunities like these, maybe you should join RC Elite. Members received advanced notice of this sale and had all the resources they needed to stock up on CDs to flip.

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