Lainey Wilson Stanley Tumblers Resell in Minutes

A nice summer treat for resellers

Lainey Wilson Stanley Tumbler Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Lainey Wilson and Stanley teamed up for a limited edition tumbler

  • “Watermelon Moonshine” tumblers were sold on July 11 for $55

  • The tumblers sold out extremely fast, and resold for $100 or more the same day

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “Watermelon Moonshine”? Hipster bootleggers? A Wes Anderson movie? Or a vacuum sealed tumbler? Stanley and country music star Lainey Wilson have collaborated to produce a limited run of the company’s signature tumblers. Sold in a single colorway and promoted heavily by the star, these tumblers may not seem like a big deal, but they are. Her fans hit the Stanley site hard, and it took just minutes for them to sell out. Within an hour of the sale ending, eBay recorded a score of secondhand sales from resellers doubling their money.

Lainey Wilson Watermelon Stanley Tumbler

If you’re not in the know, Lainey Wilson is a country musician from Louisiana. She’s developed quite a following over the years, with four albums and a string of appearances at festivals. Her fans love her and her unique blend of musical styles. You might recognize her from the recent viral video a fan took at one of her shows, mainly focusing on her butt.

Musical talent aside, she’s clearly got an eye for business as well. She surprised fans in July by announcing a special collaboration with Stanley, makers of the iconic and inescapable vacuum sealed tumblers.

But what to name this new tumbler? No, not “Bootylicious”, sorry TikTok. Instead they went for “Watermelon Moonshine”, taken from the song of the same name from her most recent album. Accordingly, the tumblers feature a subdued red and green color scheme to match the theme.

Like all Stanley products, they’re made from high quality materials and claim to hold their cold for up to 11 hours. Perfect for summer, which is exactly what they picked up on in their marketing. The Lainey Wilson Stanley tumblers were sold on July 11, for $55 each. This was also the same the music video for her song “Watermelon Moonshine” dropped.


A little something fun to drink your Watermelon Moonshine from. July 11th you can get your very own Watermelon Moonshine inspired @Stanley 1913 x Lainey Wilson Quencher H2.0 Tumbler. 🍉 #ad #hydratewithstanley #watermelonmoonshine

♬ Watermelon Moonshine – Lainey Wilson

It’s a neat product if you’re a fan of hers and desperately need a 40 ounce jug for your water. Evidently many people agreed, because these tumblers sold out incredibly fast. Like, 15 minutes fast.

Demand came in fast as swept most of these tumblers up faster than anyone was anticipating. In turn, many of Wilson’s fans were left emptyhanded and looking to change that. Fortunately, more than a few tumblers were picked up by resellers, who proceeded to make some extremely easy money.

Lainey Wilson Stanley Tumblers Resell

Within minutes of the stock selling out, eBay listings of Lainey Wilson tumblers for sale starting going up. Most sellers were asking around twice what they retailed for, which fans had no issue paying. By the end of the day, around 80 tumblers had resold.

Fast forward a few days, and that number is approaching 200. Currently, the Lainey Wilson Stanley tumbler is reselling for around $120, a little over double what it cost direct from Stanley

Lainey Wilson Stanley Tumbler For Sale

While there are cheaper ways too get your hydration in, they just don’t have the same appeal as a special plastic sippy cup, at least to a fan of the artist. It’s because of them that resellers were able to double their money in around five minutes. Thanks!

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