Katy Perry Vinyl Box Set Restocks and Sells Out

2023 marks the 15th anniversary of her breakthrough

Katy Perry Vinyl Box Set Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Back in June, Katy Perry put out a vinyl collection of her first three albums

  • These sold out, and have restocked several times since

  • After Saturday’s restock, they’re reselling for upwards of $150

Rev it up Katy Perry fans, your time has come. Earlier this year, the artist announced a special commemorative box set with the first three albums of her career. Katy’s CATalog is a collection of five disks perfect for diehard fans and collectors. Since they were first sold in June, these box sets have consistently sold out. They made a return at noon yesterday, and sold out yet again in under an hour. Now resellers are making tons of profit by flipping these vinyl box sets.

Katy Perry Catalog Box Set

Fifteen years ago, the world got their first glimpse of Katy Perry. “One of the Boys” dropped on June 17, 2008 with the chart-smashing, homophobe-riling song “I Kissed a Girl” as its lead single. After a string of singles, collaborations, and guest appearances, she followed up with “Teenage Dream” in 2010, and then “Prism” in 2013.

Along the way she cemented herself as a pop culture icon, and one of the biggest stars of the 2010s. Try to imagine a world where you didn’t hear “Dark Horse” blaring on the radio, on every channel, every day, for a year straight. Wouldn’t that be terrible?

Anyways, 2023 marks a number of auspicious anniversaries for the artist. “One of the Boys” turned fifteen in June, and “Prism” will be ten in October. “Teenage Dream” also officially becomes a teenager this year as well. To mark the occasion, she announced a new collector’s catalog of her first three records, exclusively on vinyl.

Katy Perry Vinyl Catalog Box Set

Included are five vinyl records. “One of the Boys” is on a blue and white 12″ LP, with an additional 7″ disk of singles. “Teenage Dream” is split into two red and white “peppermint” LPs, and “Prism” is on striking clear 12″ record splattered with color.

In addition to the records are various bonus pieces like unreleased photoshoots, alternate album artworks, posters and artbooks. The Katy Perry Catalog Vinyl Box Set costs $100, which is actually a pretty good deal for the volume of material. For a serious fan or collector, this was an opportunity that shouldn’t be let go to waste.

The Katy Perry Catalog Box Set first released on June 20, 2023, which was the fifteenth anniversary of “One of the Boys”. The set was extremely popular at the time of its release, and sold out quickly. Since then, we’ve seen a handful of limited restocks that didn’t last long.

The most recent restock of Katy Perry’s vinyl box set was on August 26. At noon Pacific, a limited number of sets were available on her webstore. They were sold out in under an hour. You can probably guess what might have happened next.

Katy Perry Vinyl Box Set Resells

Now that the official sale is closed, many Katy’s CATalog Box Sets ended up in the hands of resellers. It’ll probably several weeks before another (limited) restock, so fans are biting the bullet and buying one on the aftermarket.

Right now, a Katy Perry Vinyl Box Set is reselling for somewhere between $150 and $200. Earlier in the summer, these tended to flip for a bit higher, but the number of restocks has driven the price down a bit. Even then, these are still an incredibly easy flip, and represent a solid profit for any reseller.

Katy Perry Vinyl Box Set For Sale

Never bet against Katy! Keep your eyes out for more restocks of Katy’s CATalog Box Sets in the future. Theoretically, these are a limited edition product, but the number we’ve seen produced so far seems to be pretty generous.

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