Paul McCartney 7” Singles Box Set

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In Winter 2022, Paul McCartney released this box set limited to 3,000 units. It includes 80 career-spanning 7” singles, and sold out after a few days of going live on his webstore.

🌍 Online
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Paul McCartney Announces the Box Set
Paul McCartney announced the box set’s December 2nd release on his personal site and various social media channels.

Pre Order

Pre Orders Open on Paul McCartney’s Site
Pre orders for the box set went live at the same time Paul announced the collection at a retail price of $611.98. An available coupon at the time would bring the order total down a further 10% to $550. There was a limit of 2 units per order.

Sold Out

All Pre Orders Sell Out
At around 11:15 AM PST, just 2 days after going live, pre orders were completely sold out on Paul McCartney’s website — an impressive feat for such an expensive set.

Release Day

The Box Set Releases
The Paul McCartney 7” Singles Box Set officially releases worldwide. Those who had pre ordered a month earlier were now sent their boxes.


The 7” Singles Box Set Resells on eBay for $1,500
Leading up to the 2022 holiday season, the box set was actively reselling on eBay for at and around the $1,500 mark — spelling nearly $1,000 in profit per unit for resellers.


Type Limited Edition
Brand Unknown
Product released online.


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