Trump Sneakers Update: They're Worth $5,000 Now

Did you cop?

Trump Sneaker Reseller Record Price

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Trump’s new line of sneakers dropped over the weekend

  • One design was limited to 1,000 pairs for $400

  • Resellers have started to flip them for over ten times that

Over the weekend, we covered Donald Trump’s latest business venture: Trump Sneakers. Because it took so long for them to sell out we were a bit doubtful about the potential resell value, but it turns out we had nothing to worry about. Within just a few hours the market for these absolutely exploded. This weekend has recorded numerous sales for the shoes, and it seems like the new going price is somewhere between $3,000 and $5,000. We’ve even seen the first sale for a signed pair.

Trump Gold Sneakers Resell

If you have no idea what the hell we’re talking about, do yourself a favor and check out our article from Saturday first. The TL;DR is that Trump made a surprise appearance at Sneaker Con to drop a new collection of sneakers.

One of these was a pair of gold “Never Surrender” high tops limited to 1,000 pairs. Priced at $400, these shoes took just about two hours to sell out which we found surprising.

Well, the prevailing theory is that most of Trump’s fans, especially the ones willing to fork over thousands of dollars for branded merch, were not aware that these sneakers dropped. Once news networks started covering the release they blew up online.

Within ten minutes of the last pair selling out, there were three confirmed aftermarket sales for $1,000+. After a few hours passed resellers had begun listing them for upwards of $2,000.

Now prices are closing in on $5,000. eBay is actually kind of mess for these right now. New listings are starting at anywhere from $1,500 all the way up to $10,000, and sold listings are frequently returning as error pages, indicating the sale was canceled.

Trump Sneakers for Sale eBay

So to make a long story short, things are still up in the air on these. They’re definitely a profitable flip, but we probably won’t know what their true value is for another few weeks.

Signed Trump Sneakers Resell

During Philadelphia Sneaker Con on Saturday, we also got our first confirmed sale of pair of sneakers signed by Trump himself. $9,000 was evidently the winning bid.

According to the Trump Sneakers website, 10 out of the 1,000 pairs of gold “Never Surrender” sneakers will be signed by Trump. They won’t start shipping until August, so speculators will have plenty of time to gamble on them before they ship.

Other Trump Sneakers Resell

It’s also worth noting that the gold sneakers were only one part of Trump’s new business. He also sold pairs of white and red lightweight sneakers that resemble Nike’s Flyknit shoes.

These were priced at $200 and are not limited like the other sneakers. Some resellers have actually managed to flip these for a profit to Trump fans that don’t know any better.

Trump Sneaker Potus for Sale

Finally, we’ve also seen a huge surge in eBay sales for unauthorized Trump-branded shoes. These aren’t selling for any incredible amounts, but it does seem like the new interest in Trump sneakers is leading his supporters to start buying up random pairs from dropshippers.

Trump Sneaker Dropshipper Reseller

So can we draw any conclusions from last weekend? Well, Trump fans like spending money on stuff with his name on it. We already knew that thanks to his NFT collection, but this serves as pretty good reinforcement.

Should you buy anything with his name on it in the future? Probably not, but definitely keep a close eye on drops like these that have a degree of exclusivity and limited production, as they can end up reaching incredible heights.

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