Donald Trump's New Sneakers Are Reselling for $1,000+

And yes, they are ugly

Trump Sneakers Sold Out Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Trump dropped a new line of shoes while at Philadelphia Sneaker Con

  • Prices range from $400 to $200, along with some perfumes for $100

  • The “Never Surrender” high tops were limited to 1,000 pairs and are already reselling

Update: They’re selling for $2,000+ now  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A few hours ago, Donald Trump addressed a crowd of adoring fans at Philadelphia’s Sneaker Con and announced a new collection of Trump-themed sneakers. Gold, gaudy, and damn expensive, these shoes are something else. Resellers are now eyeing the collection closely. Previous pieces of Trump merchandise have actually flipped for quite a bit, and these shoes might end up being profitable as well.

Donald Trump at Sneaker Con

If you weren’t on social media much this week, you might have missed this. Trump made a post on Truth Social yesterday announcing he would be in Philadelphia and was planning to attend Sneaker Con.

Nobody was really sure why, but a lot of sneakerheads are big fans of his. Sure enough, he made good on his word and was at the convention today. In fact, he even took the stage while holding a pair of distinct kicks.

Yes, Trump Sneakers are a real thing. Head over to their website now to take in the full collection. We’ve got Yeezy rips, perfumes and cologne, and some very exciting offers.

Trump Sneakers Collection Reseller

The most exciting piece of the collection are the “Never Surrender” high-top sneakers. Lovingly finished in what looks like gold spray paint, these are the ultimate collector’s item for the proverbial fool and his money.

And say what you will about Trump, the man can move a product. The “Never Surrender” high-tops were limited to 1,000 total pairs, numbered, and 10 of them will be autographed by the Donald himself.

Trump Never Surrender Sneaker Sold Out

Naturally, these didn’t last long, and all 1,000 pairs sold out in a few hours.

If we scroll a little further down on the website we can learn more about the company behind these shoes.

“‘Trump’ and the associated design are registered trademarks of CIC Ventures LLC. Trump Sneakers are not designed, manufactured, or sold by Donald J. Trump, the Trump Organization, or any of their respective affiliates or principals.”

Damn, and here we were thinking Trump was about to enter his new era of fashion design. Oh well, maybe he’s saving the dragon energy for November.

Orders are limited to three pairs per design, per customer. Prices range from $400 for the “Never Surrender” high-tops to $200 for the “T-Red Wave” and “POTUS 45” designs. Perfumes and cologne are $100.

Will the Trump Sneakers Resell?

Yes. Like, they already are.

Within just a few minutes of the “Never Surrender” high-tops selling out, resellers have begun to flip them for over $1,000 at a time.

Trump Gold Sneakers for Sale

Considering how well Trump merch has done in the past, this outcome wasn’t hard to foresee.

Back in December 2022, Trump first unveiled “Trump Trading Cards” during the NFT bullrun. While people gave him a lot of shit for these, they actually ended up being a great investment. The $100 NFTs were trading for over $1,000 at their peak, and are still worth about $200 to $300 today.

Plus if you collected 45 of these you’d get the chance to link up with the former president at a special dinner.

It’s worth noting that a somewhat similar opportunity is available with Trump Sneakers. If you buy two items or more from the new collection, you’ll get a ticket to the Official Trump Sneaker Launch Party Date TBD™, but it’s not clear if Trump will actually be attending.

If you decided to buy a pair, let us know how it goes. These are looking quite profitable already, especially if you’re lucky enough to get a signed pair.

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