2024 Kith TaylorMade Collaboration Flips for Thousands

Here's looking at you, Kith

2024 Kith TaylorMade Golf Collection Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Kith and TaylorMade have linked up for a new collection

  • Clothes, clubs, bags, and even a golf cart sold on June 7

  • Expect a 2X return on most items, with some reselling for thousands over retail

Did you blink? Then you missed it. Kith and TaylorMade have teamed up again to produce a huge collection of golf gear, clothing, and accessories. Jimmy Kimmel serves as the cover model, and the hype around this drop could not be stronger. Nearly everything sold out in record time, and now resellers are doubling or tripling their money on most items, with some made-to-order products flipping for thousands of dollars over retail. This was one drop you didn’t want to miss. Let’s take a look.

Kith TaylorMade 2024 Collection

It’s time to get back out on the golf course. What’s better than drinking two to ten Arnold Palmers, soaking your gums with enough nicotine to see God, and whipping a golf cart across acres of beautiful green scenery.

And if drip matters to you more than your short game, TaylorMade and Kith have come together yet again for a new collection of seriously swaggy golf gear. On June 7, a huge new collection of clothes, clubs, bags, and accessories went up for sale through TaylorMade’s website.

Seriously, there’s too much here for even the most dedicated hypebeast-golfer trust fund kid. Even if you had the cash, most of it sold out too fast to even grab what you wanted.

This is the second collaboration between the two brands, following up an extremely successful partnership that kicked off in 2022. At the time, resellers were served up an absolute feast of options, and now the table is even bigger.

We’re going to be breaking down the 2024 Kith TaylorMade collection into a few separate pieces, with a special focus on resale value. We’ll look at bags first, especially the made-to-order versions, then check out clubs, and finish with some of the most popular clothes and accessories.

Make sure you take some time to browse the collection yourself to see what catches your eye. This is a resell blog, not a golf digest, so don’t expect us to cover every single tee and marker. We’re scalpers first, and proud of it.

2024 Kith TaylorMade Golf Bags

Chances are, if someone is both a hypebeast and a golfer, they’ve got a little cash to throw around. Kith and TaylorMade linking up is a match made in heaven, especially for a reseller. A lot of the items in this collection start at some pretty steep prices, but that hasn’t stopped them from selling out.

The real standouts of Kith’s 2024 TaylorMade collaboration are the golf bags. First, let’s look at the staff bags. One is in black and grayscale, the other is white and green with floral accents. Both feature prominent Kith branding.

2024 Kith TaylorMade Staff Bags

2024 Kith TaylorMade Staff Bags started at $1,250. They’re made from vegan leather with a six-way top and custom metal hardware.

Alongside these standard bags are two made-to-order golf bags. These are the Kith TaylorMade Flextech Stand Bags in black and white. These started at $595, and have a reported lead time of up to seven months.

2024 Kith TaylorMade Flextech Golf Bag

All of the 2024 Kith TaylorMade golf bags have been extremely popular on eBay. While the entire collection went up for sale online and at Kith shops on June 7, it was also popular to buy some items from the collection at a pop-up location at Pebble Beach on June 2.

Certain made-to-order items were available for sale here, which is why we’re seeing them resell online ahead of their expected ship dates. Right now, Kith TaylorMade Flextech Bags are reselling for about $800.

Kith TayloreMade Flextech Bag for Sale

Meanwhile, Kith TaylorMade Staff Bags have seen a limited number of sales for more than $4,000. It’s not clear how many of these actually sold at retail, but we’re guessing they were pretty limited.

Kith TaylorMade Golf Bag for Sale

If these sales hold up, the resellers who flipped them stand to make thousands of dollars in profit from a single item. We consider that “pretty good”.

2024 Kith TaylorMade Golf Clubs

And once you’ve got the bag, you need to fill it with something other than beer and Zyns. Along with these bags, Kith and TaylorMade also sold a host of branded drivers, irons, and a putter.

Drivers were based on TaylorMade’s cutting edge Qi10 design. They were available in two colors: black and rose, and in either a 10.5 or 9.0 loft. Kith TaylorMade drivers retailed for $650, about $50 more than the standard clubs go for.

2024 Kith TaylorMade Driver

As far as irons go, there’s a few choices. TaylorMade sold a set of their K790 irons with a small Kith badge for $1,750, and there were also several different wedge designs available for $295 each.

2024 Kith TaylorMade Irons K790

Finally, we have one badass putter. TaylorMade has spun up a special version of their popular Spider Tour Putter with an iridescent metal head and repeating Kith monogramming.

The 2024 Kith TaylorMade Spider Tour Putter was $445. Like all the clubs featured in this collection, it’s made-to-order with an expected lead time of six months. Customers that visited the pop-up on June 2 or a Kith store were able to buy them in person.

2024 Kith TaylorMade Spider Tour Putter

For the golfer who has everything and feels like blowing a few grand, the 2024 Kith TaylorMade collection gave them the opportunity to pick up a whole new set of clubs.

We’ve seen a few sales for these clubs through eBay. It seems like the set of irons is reselling for about $2,500, while the wedges are usually trading for about $500. Drivers are reselling for about $800, and the Spider Tour Putters are a bit looser, flipping for anywhere from $600 to over $1,000.

Kith TaylorMade Golf Clubs for Sale

Some resellers been able to flip the entire 2024 Kith TaylorMade golf club collection along with a golf bag for up to $6,000, representing a total profit of about $2,000

2024 Kith TaylorMade Clothes and Accessories

And it wouldn’t be a Kith drop without some drip. There were a ton of new clothes as part of this collection. Whatever you’re looking for, they’ve got it: bucket hats, polos, jackets, shorts, even graphic tees.

2024 Kith TaylorMade Clothes

There’s too much here to weed through every item individually. Take a gander yourself and see if anything stands out; we’re partial to the Art Deco-styled Camp Collar shirt ourselves.

Between all these clothes, there were also a bunch of minor accessories available for sale. Tees, ball markers, balls, headcovers, and towels too. Most accessories started between $20 and $100.

Want to really ball out? Kith and TaylorMade are selling a custom electric golf cart as part of a collaboration with Garia. A deposit of $1,500 is required, and the final sale price is expected to be $35,000.

2024 Kith TaylorMade Golf Cart Garia

We haven’t seen enough people talking about this cart. It’s fully street legal with leather seats, a dash-mounted refrigerator, and a subwoofer.

There have been a fair number of sales for clothes in the 2024 Kith TaylorMade collection. As a rule of thumb, expect to see prices at 1.5X to 3X for most items compared to retail.

2024 Kith TaylorMade Collection for Sale

Altogether, this has been an incredibly lucrative opportunity for resellers. Between the clubs, bags, and all the various bits of swag, we’ve been making hundreds, even thousands of dollars in profit from the 2024 Kith TaylorMade collaboration.

Hopefully another drop is in the works for 2025. After seeing how this one went, expect to see us lining up outside Kith stores before they open.

If you want to learn more about reselling, subscribe to our newsletter. There’s a lot of money to be made by reselling golf gear, check out our articles on Costco’s P790 rip-offs (and TaylorMade’s lawsuit) or TaylorMade’s Torrey Pines golf bags for more examples of resellers making big money on the links.

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