Tiger Woods' Sun Day Red Drop Blows Up on eBay

See ya, Nike

Tiger Woods Sun Day Red Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Sun Day Red is Tiger Woods’ new clothing brand

  • He recently parted ways from Nike after 27 years

  • Many of the items are reselling for hundreds of dollars

Did you know Tiger Woods just launched his own clothing line? Yesterday saw the launch of Tiger’s own “Sun Day Red”, which features new designs on quality materials. The drop was a huge success and many of the most popular products sold out in minutes. Now resellers are making tons of money by flipping some designs for three, four, even five times what they retailed for.

Tiger Woods Splits from Nike

It’s been a tumultuous decade for Tiger. He’s ping-ponged from best in the game and dominating competitions, to career slumps and headlining tabloids. Injuries, scandals, and just plain old aging have chased Tiger Woods on and off the field, but he’s stayed in the fight.

Woods had a long relationship with Nike, stretching back to before 2000. Over the years, Tiger-approved Nike gear, clubs, bags, and clothes have been a huge part of his identity, including the iconic red polo.

But that relationship ended this year. His social media accounts updated on January 8, 2024 to confirm the end of his 27-year partnership with Nike, one of the longest and certainly most lucrative in sports history.

Tiger Woods Sun Day Red Announcement

Why did Tiger Woods leave Nike? Well, we’re guessing for the money. Why should he fork over the profits to someone else when he just start his own sportswear company?

Tiger Woods Launches Sun Day Red

And that’s exactly what he did. It doesn’t matter how many billions you’ve got in the bank; you can always make more.

Sun Day Red” is the name of Tiger Woods’ new clothing company. It’s an obvious nod to Tiger’s habit of wearing red during Sunday events, and references his love of the sun, competition, and the power of red.

Ever since his split from Nike became official, fans have been speculating about Woods’ next move. Sun Day Red officially launched on May 1. There’s hats, polos, short and longsleeve shirts, hoodies, even towels.

Most of it sports either a tiger-shaped logo or the brand’s name. And while there’s a lot of color, there’s actually no red shirts, polo or otherwise. The brand’s next drop, “All Things Red“, will probably fix that soon.

There are also a few items classified as “Sun Day Selects“. These are small capsule collections that share a particular theme. This time they’re based on Torrey Pines.

Tiger Woods Sun Day Red Select

To buy a Sun Day Red Select product, you’d need to get lucky. Customers were required to make a Sun Day Red account prior to their drop, and pray for an email giving them to the access on drop day.

Tiger Woods Sun Day Red Resells

With all this premo swag getting loaded at the same time, things looked pretty good for Tiger Woods. It didn’t take long for stuff to start selling out, with some of them disappearing in under a minute.

The most popular items from Tiger Woods’ Sun Day Red drop were the Sun Day Selects items, and some of the branded hats. These usually retailed for $40 to $50 for hats and up to $150 for hoodies and longsleeves.

Right now, sold out Sun Day Red hats are reselling for upwards of $200. Sun Day Select hoodies and hats are flipping for about $300.

Sun Day Red Select for Sale

But the most impressive item by far is the Sun Day Red “Jupiter” Mid Hat. These featured the large tiger logo and retailed for $50. Within 24 hours of their launch, they’re now reselling for more than $300.

Sun Day Red Jupiter for Sale

That is a damn good flip. Unlike the Select items, you didn’t even need to get lucky to buy them. Just log in on drop day and click-click-click as fast as you can. Secure one (or two), and you’ve got a ton of easy profit in less than a minute’s work.

This drop went about as well as Tiger Woods could have hoped for. We’ll be keeping our eyes on Sun Day Red for their next releases. If they’re as popular as this one, resellers might have just made a new friend.

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