New OMEGA X Swatch Snoopy Watches Drop Today

They're already reselling

Omega Swatch Snoopy MoonSwatch Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • OMEGA and Swatch are producing a new addition to their MoonSwatch collection

  • The $310 Snoopy MoonSwatches drop at Swatch stores later today

  • They’re currently reselling for $500 to $800

It’s been two years since OMEGA and Swatch first started collaborating, and the results have been spectacular. Fans and collectors have turned out in bulk to buy up the MoonSwatch collection, and now the brands are reuniting yet again. The “Snoopy” MoonSwatch is dropping later today, and have a chance to get one. It won’t be easy, and you’ll need to wait in some seriously long lines, but the potential upside will be incredible. Let’s take a look.

OMEGA Swatch Collaboration

First, a little history. Just about two years ago, watchmakers OMEGA and Swatch linked up to produce the Bioceramic MoonSwatch collection; eleven separate watches all based on our solar system.

These were a tremendous hit. For one, they were remarkably affordable, especially for an OMEGA-branded watch. Most retailed for under $300.

Last March, the duo produced a special “Mission to Moonshine” watch. Largely based on the Moon design from the original collection, it featured OMEGA’s distinct “Moonshine Gold”. These were sold through exclusive boutiques in cities across the world associated with gold.

Omega Swatch Mission to Moonshine gold watch

London, Zurich, Milan; you could line up at a Swatch store in any of these cities for one day only. The lines were long and most people walked home emptyhanded. Those that managed to snag one were able to flip it for upwards of $800. They retailed for about $300.

Hopefully you can understand why resellers are paying close attention to this collab.

OMEGA Swatch Snoopy Watch

You might be wondering “why Snoopy?” Well, there’s a bit of history here. All of the watches in this collaboration are connected with outer space in some way, and so is Snoopy.

In 1968, Snoopy was chosen as the mascot for NASA’s Manned Flight Awareness program, which emphasizes safety and quality control during spaceflight. Posters with Snoopy’s face remind workers that astronauts’ lives rely on their work, and the Silver Snoopy award is given out to those that make considerable advancements to safety within NASA.

Swatch Snoopy Silver NASA Award

And since then, Snoopy has been associated with spaceflight and NASA, and that’s why he’s the next edition to the MoonSwatch collection.

The Snoopy MoonSwatch is an all-white design utilizing Swatch’s Bioceramic materials. The face features four dials, including a moon phase tracker with two sleeping Snoopys. Under UV light, parts of this dial glow and reveal a hidden message.

Omega Swatch Snoopy Glow in the Dark

Like the other MoonSwatches, it’s quartz-powered which helps keep prices down. The Snoopy MoonSwatch costs $310, and releases today.

How to get a Snoopy MoonSwatch

Swatch’s website labels these as “non-limited”, but don’t expect them to be easy to get. Prior releases have been enormously popular and this looks to be no different.

The Snoopy MoonSwatch will be sold through certain Swatch boutiques today, March 26. You can find a full list here, but we can at least say it’s a little easier to buy than the Moonshine Swatches. If you’re near Las Vegas, New York, or Honolulu, you have a decent shot at getting one.

Omega Swatch Snoopy MoonSwatch Location

Expect long lines in the most popular locations. Chances are these will sell out across the country, and we don’t know if restocks will happen.

Will the Snoopy MoonSwatch Resell?

Yeah, probably. Or rather, it already is. If you check eBay right now, you’ll find plenty of sold listings for these watches. It’s not that anyone is backdooring these (probably), it’s just resellers creating presale listings, which isn’t uncommon for a product like this.

The price for a Snoopy MoonSwatch is kind of all over the place right now. Most are reselling for somewhere between $500 and $800, but some have gone for upwards of $1,000.

Omega Swatch Snoopy MoonSwatch for Sale

Chances are most of these orders will be canceled by later today when the resellers who listed them failed to get one, and we’ll see a more solid market shake out in the coming week.

Previous MoonSwatches usually resold for about $500 or so, but the Mission to Moonshine watches reached prices of nearly $1,000. Considering how limited those were that’s not surprising, and we’re not expecting the Snoopy MoonSwatches to hit those highs.

But we’ll just have to see. People really like this collection, and interest is strong. We’ll be keeping our eyes on them for sure. If you live close to a boutique, why not swing by? You could make hundreds of dollars in profit in a few hours.

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