OMEGA X Swatch Mission to Moonshine Watches Resell Fast

These only appear under a full moon

Omega Swatch Mission to Moonshine Gold Picture

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • OMEGA X Swatch’s MoonSwatch collab was a hit during 2022, and produced the special Mission to Moonshine watches as well

  • The Mission to Moonshine MoonSwatches have only been sold twice, with the last sale on April 6 across the world

  • These sold for $285 at the New York store, and the watches have flipped for $900 since then




This is the difference between the sale price and resell price. It does not take into account any costs associated with reselling. Things like shipping, storage fees, if applicable.

OMEGA X Swatch Mission to Moonshine Gold Watch

A continuation of the relationship between luxury Swiss watchmaker OMEGA and affordable Swiss watchmaker Swatch, the Mission to Moonshine Gold watch features a second hand created from OMEGA’s proprietary Moonshine™ Gold yellow gold alloy

The OMEGA X Swatch “Mission to Moonshine” watch is back. The unprecedented collaboration between watchmakers last year produced the MoonSwatch collection, and included watches based on the various planets and bodies of our solar system.

In March, a special Moonwatch was made. Called the “Mission to Moonshine” MoonSwatch, these were only made available at four in-person Swatch locations, none of which were in the US. Now it’s back, or at least it was. For one day only, Mission to Moonshine watches could be purchased again, and this time it had a US release. If you were lucky enough to buy one, they are now reselling for three times what they were sold for.

What is the OMEGA X Swatch Mission to Moonshine?

Last year, we saw watchmakers OMEGA and Swatch come together for a truly special collaboration: the Bioceramic MoonSwatches. 11 different watches, based on the nine (or eight, sorry Pluto) planets of our solar system, along with the Sun and Moon.

The design of the watch faces are largely based on the OMEGA Moonwatch, but is quartz powered like all Swatches, and has a fabric Velcro strap.

Omega Swatch Mission to Moonshine gold watch

While the OMEGA Moonwatch typically sells for upwards of $6,000, the OMEGA X Swatch MoonSwatches are all under $300. It’s like getting a premium watch at affordable prices. Understandably, the collection was extremely popular, and frequently sold out online.

Out of the 11 watches, the Moon design was very desirable. In March 2023, a special edition of this watch was created, the Mission to Moonshine MoonSwatch.

Mission to Moonshine alludes to the OMEGA Moonshine gold material created and employed in OMEGA watches. It’s an 18k gold alloy, that is paler and more subdued than other gold alloys.

OMEGA uses Moonshine gold extensively in their Moonwatches, so the OMEGA X Swatch Mission to Moonshine MoonSwatch uses it as well. These watches were first unveiled in March 2023, and would be sold for one day only at four stores, and not be available online.

How much does the Mission to Moonshine watch cost?

The initial release was made available to customers at Swatch stores in London, Zurich, Tokyo, and Milan; all cities noted for their relation with gold. They were sold for one day only on March 7.

Omega Swatch Mission to Moonshine Gold Close Up

The Mission to Moonshine is mostly identical to the standard Moon design, aside from the second hand

If you were able to get to one of these stores in time (and there were lines), the Mission to Moonshine MoonSwatches cost £250. Swatch teased that more would be made available soon, and noted that they were waiting for the next full moon.

That moon would rise on April 6, when the Mission to Moonshine watches were sold once again. Similar to the previous release, the April sale was preceded by an Instagram teaser that came out the day before the global sale.

Omega Swatch Mission to Moonshine Gold Instagram Post

While they were still limited to in-person sales, this time the locations were greatly expanded. Swatch buyers could line up at stores across the world. Thirteen of these were overseas, but one store in New York City would be selling the watches as well.

At the New York store, the OMEGA X Swatch Mission to Moonshine gold watches cost $285. The purchase includes a special certificate confirming that the second hand had been crafted during a full moon, from genuine OMEGA Moonshine gold.

Does the Mission to Moonshine MoonSwatch resell?

Within 24 hours of the US sale, eBay and Chrono24 recorded sold listings for the Mission to Moonshine MoonSwatch. Most sales fell somewhere between $600 and $900.

Before the April release of the Mission to Moonshine MoonSwatch, they were reselling even higher. Just a few days before the Instagram teaser was posted, eBay recorded sales at $1,000+, but prices rapidly fell following the Instagram post announcing the next sale.

Omega Swatch Mission to Moonshine gold MoonSwatch for Sale eBay

These are sales from the most recent batch of Mission to Moonshine watches

If you’re frustrated you missed out on these (or you just didn’t live near any of the participating stores), don’t worry. The OMEGA X Swatch Mission to Moonshine gold MoonSwatch will be returning. Swatch has promised that the watches will be returning in the future “during full moons in different places and different countries.”

The April 6 sale is not the last, and it’s likely these will be unique phenomenon at Swatch stores across the country during full moons, at least for the immediate future. If you want to buy a Mission to Moonshine watch, you’ll want to pay close attention to Swatch’s Instagram page, as they are only giving a short heads up before dropping a new batch of watches.

Additionally, now might be a good time to brush up on your astronomy, or at least your knowledge of Moon phases. The next full moon will be around May 5, so keep your eyes peeled during the week before for a new announcement on Swatch. If a Swatch location near you has the Mission to Moonshine watches for sale, don’t hesitate to pick one up, even if you have to wait in line.

Watches like these are a fun standout from the usual fare. While most watches that resell typically retail for thousands, Swatches are highly affordable and attainable by the average person. For other examples of affordable yet highly profitable watches to resell, check out our articles on the MB&F raffle, and the Swatch X Dragon Ball Z collection.

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