Coke "Happy Tears" Creations Are an Easy Flip

And they're a TikTok exclusive

Coca Cola Happy Tears Reseller TikTok

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Coke is selling their new flavor through the TikTok shop

  • The “Happy Tears” kit includes two cans along with other items for $10

  • Restocks sell out fast, and resellers are flipping kits for $50+

If you’re a sodahead, you’re probably familiar with Coca-Cola Creations. These remixed flavors are the very definition of marketing gimmick, and they come and go frequently. Earlier this week, Coke sold their new “Happy Tears” Creation exclusively through the TikTok shop. Resellers were all over this drop, and the kits sold out fast. Now they’re going up on eBay for five to six times retail.

Coca-Cola "Happy Tears" TikTok Kits

There’s a lot of soda in the world. From the iconic colas to upstarts looking to break into established flavorhoods, there’s a lot of money to be made here, and of course, competition.

Part of Coca-Cola’s strategy to remain dominant is its line of “Creations“. These limited editions sodas are unafraid to play with the classic Coke formula, and typically feature unique branding, marketing, and flavor combinations.

Earlier this week, Coke zeroed in on Gen Z with the release of its “Happy Tears” Creation. The gimmick here is that you can’t buy it in stores, or even online. The only place to pick up a can is through TikTok.

This feels like a plan cooked up on a golf course by executives from both companies, but it seems to be working. Coke is selling “Happy Tears” kits on the TikTok shop that include two cans of the drink, an XL long sleeve tee, tissues and stickers, and it’s all wrapped up in a “collectible lock box”

Coke Happy Tears Kit TikTok

As a TikTok shop exclusive, you need to make a TikTok account and snag a kit for $10 before they sell out. Coke has been selling these in batches of 5,000, and as of this writing they’re currently sold out.

What does Coke "Happy Tears" taste like?

We don’t know. We haven’t been able to try a can, but Coke’s marketing copy describes it as “Coca-Cola with salty minerals for taste to replenish those Drops of Joy.”

So it’s tear-flavored soda? That seems kind of gross. One soda reviewer labeled it as indescribable: “slightly floral, vaguely fruity, and entirely unique.”

Well, it can’t be any worse than Coca-Cola Move.

Coke "Happy Tears" Resells

Whether it was clever marketing or the unique flavor, this new Creation is very popular among resellers. As long as you’re able to log in and secure a kit before the wave sells out, you’ll be able to make a profit.

Right now, Coke “Happy Tears” kits are reselling for upwards of $50. Is that too much to pay for two cans of soda that you’ve never tasted? We’re not judging.

Coke Happy Tears for Sale

So if you feel like making a little money in the next few days, make a TikTok account and stay tuned for restocks. Coke may end up pulling the rug out on the flip by doing a wider release of the flavor, or they might disappear entirely and become a highly collectible drink for moodboarding teens.

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