Signed Iron Flame Books Were a Profitable Flip

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Signed Iron Flame Book Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Rebecca Yarros’ eagerly anticipated novel “Iron Flame” releases in November

  • Special signed copies have been sold through various retailers

  • Resellers have flipped these books for two to three times more than they paid

Read any good fantasy novels lately? If you’re still holding out hope to see George R.R. Martin’s epic series come to a conclusion, we’ve got something that might fill that swords-and-dragons shaped hole in your heart. Iron Flame is an upcoming book by Rebecca Yarros about a girl learning to ride dragons, and TikTok is going absolutely berserk for it. When a limited number of copies signed by the author went up for sale earlier this month, they didn’t last long. Now, these signed books are reselling for incredible profits. Let’s dive in.

Iron Flame Signed Copies

Iron Flame” is the second book in Rebecca Yarros’ “Empyrean” series. It’s the follow up to the smashingly successful “Fourth Wing” novel released earlier this year. The books are set in a fantastic but dark world, centering around the main character learning to ride dragon before venturing into war.

“Fourth Wing” was massively popular and released to widespread praise. It’s especially popular on BookTok, where teenagers and overgrown teenagers alike gather to discuss the story, share fanart and fanfiction, and (probably) read. The books are also popular among disability advocates, as the main character shares many symptoms with Ehlers-Danlos disease, which the author suffers from.


Forth wing by Rebecca Yarros #booktok

♬ original sound – Kimiya

It should be no surprise that the sequel is looking like a hit as well. “Iron Flame” is expected to release on November 7, 2023, less than a year after the first book. Are you taking notes yet, George?

In addition to the various paperbacks, hardcovers, Kindle versions, and audiobooks on the way, there’s also a special edition of the book. A limited number of signed “Iron Flame” copies were sold earlier this month, and fans cannot get enough of the design.


THOSE EDGES 😱 Pre-order our Exclusive Edition of IRON FLAME via the link in bio 🔥#FourthWing #IronFlame #Fantasy #RebeccaYarros #booktok

♬ ONCE THERE WAS A WAYYYYYY – Jinxs baby girl 🤗

Signed “Iron Flame” First Edition prints feature a brilliant bronze cover, while the page edges have been sprayed black to produce a striking, even somewhat intimidating appearance. The author’s signature is just the icing on the cake, and any fan of the series would love to have this copy on their shelf.

And it seems like many fans tried to get their hands on one. Signed “Iron Flame” books have been sold through a few retailers, and every release tends to sell out in under a day. The most recent sale of “Iron Flame” signed copies was on August 22, through Canadian bookseller Indigo, and was gone in a few hours.

Because of the intense hype around this book and the exclusive nature of signed copies, a market has emerged around them. Resellers are eyeing Rebecca Yarros’ upcoming book as their next payday, with good reason.

Iron Flame Signed Books Resell

With just over a month left until the book’s official release, “Iron Flame” fans have a limited amount of time left to secure a signed copy. When buying at retail fails, some have decided to turn to a reseller.

Right now, a signed “Iron Flame”” book is reselling for around $150, but we’ve seen some sales at a much higher price. Given how popular this book is, or at least how popular it’s going to be, there’s more than enough fans out there with an excess of money and shelf space.

Iron Flame Signed Copy For Sale

Books aren’t most resellers first thought when it comes to the most profitable items to flip, but you’d be surprised by their potential. Back in June, we covered Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book “Be Useful”. Signed copies were extremely lucrative, and many were able to multiply their money by five times or more. Remember, you can’t always judge a book by its cover (sorry).

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