Full Guide to Buying Lorcana on September 1st

All you need to know about the game’s September 1st retail release

Friday September 1st Lorcana Release

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Disney’s Lorcana TCG has its big box store release this Friday, September 1st

  • It will be available both in store and online at a handful of retailers

  • Lorcana is in high demand, so expect products to sell out very quickly

Disney Lorcana is the most anticipated new trading card game in recent memory. It’s a game that has been endlessly hyped by Disney and TCG fans alike for the past year, and on Friday, September 1st, the retail release is finally here.

Disney Lorcana September 1st retail release

Here’s the deal: Lorcana and Ravensburger opted to do the TCG’s first official release on August 18th, exclusively through local game stores (LGS). While technically a wide release, this August 18th wave was rife with price gouging and a number of other distribution problems. While most LGS carrying Lorcana probably operated in good faith, it’s of course impossible to enforce pricing and availability standards across networks of independently operated stores.

So, for many that were unable to successfully get their Lorcana fix at an LGS, this September 1st release may be a saving grace. Big box retailers generally must charge MSRP for their trading card products, and usually enforce purchase limits on a chain-wide basis.

Stores carrying Lorcana on September 1st

We have taken the liberty of listing the main retailers that are confirmed to be selling Lorcana products starting on September 1st. shopDisney is the only major retailer so far that has confirmed a specific release time. However, many of the other stores listed will probably also start selling Lorcana products at around the same time as them (midnight PT) — so it may be worth staying up late on the night of the 31st.

list of stores carrying lorcana September 1st


Buy Lorcana at shopDisney

Disney’s own online store, shopDisney, has confirmed they will be selling Lorcana cards starting at 12 AM PT (midnight) / 3 AM ET on September 1st.

Best Buy

Buy Lorcana at Best Buy

Best Buy will be selling Lorcana products starting on September 1st. However, it should be noted that they did already sell preorders on August 3rd — so stock could be limited. Expect the cards to be available online-only.


Buy Lorcana at Amazon

Amazon will begin selling Lorcana on September 1st. They have not sold any preorders yet.


Buy Lorcana at Walmart

Walmart will be selling Lorcana online on September 1st. Walmart will also begin stocking Lorcana in-store on September 1st, although this date will vary store-by-store depending on what days your location is stocked by card vendors. Some Walmarts have also put out Lorcana cards early.


Buy Lorcana at Target

Target will sell Lorcana online on September 1st, and also begin stocking cards in-store. Just like Walmart, Target has TCG products stocked by 3rd party vendors, and therefore the exact date a store will get cards may vary by location.


Buy Lorcana at GameStop

GameStop will begin selling Lorcana starting on September 1st, and will have orders available online for both ship-to-home and in-store pickup, so be sure to check for both via their website.

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble will sell Lorcana in-store starting on September 1st, although the exact date will vary per-store, as they are stocked by 3rd party vendors. Some locations also took preorders over the phone starting on August 29th, so it may be worth calling ahead of the release date.

Lorcana products available September 1st

Best Lorcana booster pack products

Early on, the 12 card booster packs will probably be the most in-demand part of Lorcana, so if you’re hoping to grab some, prioritize these products in particular on September 1st:

  • Individual booster packs / $5.99 MSRP
  • Booster boxes – contains 24 booster packs / $143.76 MSRP
  • Illumineer’s Trove – contains 8 booster packs / $49.99 MSRP
  • Lorcana Gift Set – contains 4 booster packs / $29.99 MSRP

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