Roblox Pet Simulator X Titanic Red Balloon Cat Plush

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This red 22” tall plush comes with an exclusive in-game code to receive the equivalent pet in the popular Roblox game, Pet Simulator X. 

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Teaser Post

On January 8th, Pet Simulator X developer BIG Games shared a sneak preview of the new “Titanic” plush figures on Twitter. 

Announcement II

New In-Game Pets

Later in January, Big Games revealed another piece of key info about the Titanic plush figures: they would come with in-game pets, and both a red and blue variant would both be releasing. 

Announcement III

Release Date Unveiled

As hype for the 2 plushes ballooned within the community, Big Games finally unveiled a release date of February 26th, stating they would be extremely limited with no restock.


Limited Release

The Red and Blue Titanic Balloon Cat Plushes released on Sunday, February 26th at 9 AM PST. Each color had a total of 1,000 put in-stock. 

Roblox Titanic Balloon Cat Plush
Sold Out

Red Sells Out

The red plush was the less popular of the two colors, but still sold out in only 8 minutes. In comparison, the blue plush sold out in roughly 4 minutes. 


Huge Same-Day Sales

Within just hours of release, fans that missed out on the initial drop flocked to eBay, buying confirmed orders of the Red Titanic Balloon Cat Plush for as much as $700 or more. 


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