New Star Wars Episode 1 Popcorn Buckets Resell

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Phantom Menace Episode 1 Popcorn Bucket Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Cinemark sold special popcorn buckets for the Episode 1 re-release

  • They were bundled with cups for $25

  • Resellers have flipped them for more than $100

Do you remember where you were in 1999? We’re guessing most of you were still swimming with your dad at that point, our older readers will know that’s the year that The Phantom Menace hit theaters across the world. A whole new trilogy, new CGI, and new aliens with new racial stereotypes. 25 years later, The Phantom Menace has received a theatrical re-release along with new merch. One of the most popular items is a collectable popcorn bucket sold through Cinemark, which are now reselling.

Cinemark Phantom Menace Popcorn Bucket

Somehow, Episode I has returned.

Whether you missed it the first time around or you just want recapture some of that 90s magic, you can see Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace at a theater right now.

The re-release began on May 3, which is just short of 25 years from its premiere in 1999. Theaters across the country have been screening the film for the past few days. If you’re interested, we recommend booking a ticket soon; most theaters will only be showing The Phantom Menace for a week or two at most.

And whether you care about the movie or not, there’s also an opportunity to make some money here. Cinemark Theaters are selling exclusive Phantom Menace popcorn buckets and drink cups.

These are made from metal, and feature the new 2024 artwork by Matt Ferguson. We’ve talked about collectable popcorn buckets A LOT lately, and for good reason. Fans and collectors have really latched onto merch like this lately, and theaters are more than happy to spin up new designs.

You can check out some of our articles on the Ghostbusters “Ghost Trap” popcorn bucket or Dune 2’s internet-iconic Shai-Hulud hand-grabber, but the short version is that popcorn buckets can be very lucrative investments. In some cases, they’ve flipped for three to four times what the theater sells them for.

Dune 2 Popcorn Bucket for Sale

With the re-release of Phantom Menace and new designs being created, resellers are paying close attention.

Cinemark Episode 1 Popcorn Buckets Resell

So if you’re looking for tickets, check to see if there are any Cinemark locations near you. It’s worth calling ahead to see if they still have any Phantom Menace popcorn buckets or drink cups in stock. The full set retails for $25, but it’s sold out pretty much everywhere.

Resellers were able to stock up on them back in April though, and now that the movie is actually in theaters, the money is rolling in. Star Wars Episode 1 popcorn buckets are reselling for upwards of $100 right now.

Episode 1 Popcorn Bucket for Sale Cinemark

Pretty good. Or at least, we think so. If you were on the ball ahead of the release, these weren’t difficult to buy. Many resellers were able to buy several bundles at once, and are multiplying their money three or four times.

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