Resellers are Ready for MSI Claw "Fallout" Themed Handhelds

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MSI Claw Fallout Edition Handheld Resell

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • MSI has revealed the new Claw 8 AI+ handheld console

  • They were displayed in a Fallout-themed case

  • No release details yet, but expect to see them resell

If you’ve been wanting to get into handheld gaming, now is the time. From the tried and true Switch to Valve’s capable Steam Deck, there are all kinds of options out there. MSI has just revealed the latest version of their Claw handheld console, and it looks like a Pip-Boy. Resellers have made lots of money from everything Fallout-related, and this is looking like another juicy flip.

It’s been a few weeks, but the “Fallout” fever kicked off by Amazon Prime’s new hit show is still in the air. Gaming platforms have been recording a sharp spike in both sales and playtime for every game in the series.

But the next Fallout game is (realistically) still a decade or so away. Despite the success of 2010’s Fallout: New Vegas, Bethesda has kept the development of the series completely in-house. The Fallout show’s incredible breakthrough into mainstream culture could have translated into incredible profits, but then again, it’s Bethesda’s IP to sit on and do nothing with.

That said, they’re still finding ways to cash in outside the games. New collectibles like their Diecast Pip-Boy Replicas are hitting the market, and the recent Fortnite crossover has been a major hit.

Today we’re looking at a new product that’s only recently been announced. MSI has revealed their Claw Handheld will be receiving a major upgrade soon, and they will also be producing a limited number of Fallout themed versions.

The design was leaked ahead of its reveal, and MSI is staying pretty quiet about the whole thing. From what we can tell, the MSI Claw Fallout edition is still a ways out, and will be exclusive to the MSI Claw 8 AI+ model.

The MSI Claw is a handheld computer, designed to compete with Valve’s Steam Deck and Asus ROG Ally. The new model boasts an 8 inch screen with a 120hz refresh rate, 80-hour battery, and seriously juiced internals.

MSI Claw Fallout Edition Resells

We recommend keeping a close eye on MSI’s socials in the next few weeks. The Claw 8 AI+ has only just been revealed, and there are no confirmed release dates or prices yet released. They may sell for about $700 to $800 like current models.

This would put it on the higher end of handheld consoles. Valve’s new Steam Deck OLED is starting at $550, and you can get an Asus ROG Ally for under $400. For resellers, higher retail prices mean higher resell prices, provided the product sells out.

And yeah, speaking of reselling, we think this will be a pretty good flip. Themed and limited edition video game consoles can be extremely lucrative, and with the current Fallout hype these handhelds could go through the roof.

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Furthermore, the MSI Claw has proven it can hold its value. Used models are still selling for close to what they retailed for, so we’re fairly confident people will be willing to throw down for the MSI Claw Fallout Edition.

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