Mitchell and Ness Princess Diana Jackets Go For $1,000+

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Princess Diana Eagles Jacket Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Princess Diana was frequently photographed in an Eagles jacket in the 90s

  • Mitchell and Ness sold replicas of this jacket for $400

  • Resellers are flipping them for $700 to $1,200 depending on size

Earlier this week, a limited number of retro Eagles jackets went up for sale both online and in local Philadelphia retailers. While there’s tons of NFL merch out there, this drop was something special. One of the jackets released was a replica of a letterman modeled and made famous by Princess Diana back in the 90s. Within a few minutes, everything was sold out. Now these jackets are reselling for well over what they retailed for.

Mitchell and Ness Eagles Varsity Jackets

If you take this whole situation out of context it’s pretty bizarre. What does Princess Diana have in common with the Philadelphia Eagles, and why is that connection making resellers hundreds of dollars in profit in 2023?

Here’s the abridged version: back in 1982, Princess Diana was attending a funeral where she met Jack Edelstein, a statistician working with the Eagles organization.

After making conversation, Diana mentioned that her favorite colors were silver and green. Sensing an opportunity to score a (very) high profile fan, the Eagles would later send a shipment of branded clothing to Princess D.

Princess Diana Eagles Jacket

And it turns out that she really loved them. It’s seems a bit weird to see a British royal making public appearances in NFL merch, but she rocked the look.

The princess would be photographed in the jacket on several occasions wearing the jacket, including a cover shot for People in 1994. Considering Diana’s down-to-earth and approachable charm that made her so identifiable, wardrobe choices like these were a perfect fit.

Now, Mitchell and Ness has reproduced and rereleased this jacket in 2023. The Philly based brand spun up a limited run of lettermans and varsity sweaters which was sold both through the Fanatics store and at local Philadelphia stores.

Although the collection was ostensibly intended for NFL, or at least Eagles fans, it found significant popularity within streetwear circles and women. Within five minutes of the jackets going live, they had sold out.

Considering that Mitchell and Ness Princess Diana jackets retailed for $400, that’s pretty impressive. Of course, having royalty model for you is always a boon, but it’s still remarkable.

Now these jackets are finding popularity with a new generation, and many of them have already resold.

Mitchell and Ness Princess Diana Jackets Resell

Any time a heavily hyped and underproduced product like these jackets go up for sale, resellers are watching. We knew that these would be a big deal when they dropped, and we knew that Mitchell and Ness were not going to making a whole lot.

If you were in Philly, you could try to pick one locally when they dropped on the 9th. For most of us though, online was the only option. These jackets were available through Mitchell and Ness’ website, Fanatics, and the NFL Shop.

After all the jackets had cleared out at retailer, resellers started flipping them. Currently, a Mitchell and Ness Princess Diana jacket is reselling for upwards of $1,000 at a time. If you managed to pick one up, it was your ticket to an easy $500+ in profit for five minutes of work.

Princess Diana Eagles Jacket For Sale

Resale prices for clothes can vary widely depending on size. While NFL-themed merch is typically popular in heavier men’s sizes, this jacket was notable because all of the women’s sizes sold out first. XS, S, and M were all the first to go, and it was possible to buy XXL sizes for quite a significant amount of time.

Small sizes will also resell the fastest and for the most money. While all of these jackets were profitable, anything smaller than a medium was definitely the move.

Missed this drop? Expect to see more. Mitchell and Ness employees have unofficially confirmed that more jackets are in the works, and we can expect to see restocks pretty soon.

It’s hard to say what aftermarket prices will look like as restocks tend to push the average sale down. Less scarcity = less value. Will they still be worth buying? Almost definitely, barring a massive overstock or news breaking that Mitchell and Ness is making the jackets out of puppy skin. If you see these jackets back in stock, don’t hesitate to buy.

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