The Signed Kid Cudi "Insano" Vinyl Made Resellers Hundreds

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Signed Insano Vinyl Kid Cudi Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Kid Cudi’s newest album just released, featuring cover art by KAWS

  • Signed copies of the record were sold online and in person for under $40

  • Resellers are flipping them for $200 or more

Earlier this week, Kid Cudi sold a limited number of signed vinyl records for his latest album, “Insano”. With a AAAA feature list and album artwork by KAWS, this is one the artist’s most popular releases, and having a signature makes it that much more valuable. After releasing online and at a record signing in Long Beach, signed “Insano” vinyl have been reselling for hundreds of dollars. Many resellers were able to snag four or more.

KAWS X Kid Cudi Insano Vinyl

It’s been a little over a year since Kid Cudi’s eighth and most recent album “Entergalactic”. For the past few months he’s been speculating and implying retirement is a goal for him soon, and his recording contract with Republic Records stipulated a total of nine albums.

Insano” is the ninth, and potentially final part of that contract. Most of the songs had been worked on for several years, and the album had a protracted release schedule. It was initially announced for release in the summer of 2023, then moved back to September 15, which was the 15 year anniversary for his first album.

The record was pushed back yet again to January 12, 2024. Around the same time, Cudi announced that American visual artist KAWS would be designing one of the four cover variants.

Just ahead of its release, Cudi revealed one more surprise for fans. Signed copies of “Insano” vinyl records would be available for a limited time. All of the signed “Insano” records used the KAWS cover.

Signed “Insano” vinyl records were available for sale at 9 P.M. Pacific on January 11. They were exclusive to Cudi’s online store, and cost $38. Customers were limited to four records per order.

This was a very, very popular release. After a long wait and a collaboration with streetwear darling KAWS, getting one of these records with Cudi’s signature on it was very appealing to his fans. All of the signed “Insano” vinyl records were sold out within five minutes.

Kid Cudi "Insano" Album Signing

But wait, there’s more! On the day of the album’s release, Kid Cudi would also be signing records at Fingerprints Music, a record shop in Long Beach. To attend, you’d need to purchase a copy of “Insano” through the shop, then attend the signing at 5 P.M.

Kid Cudi Signed Insano Vinyl Record

According to people at the signing, Kid Cudi was there for around three hours. Many fans that were waiting in line did not get a chance to get their records signed.

Fingerprint Music has said that another signing may be happening soon, but at the moment that’s just speculation.

Kid Cudi "Insano" Vinyl Resells

If you’re a Kid Cudi fan and you’re bummed out you weren’t able to snag a signed record, we have good news for you. There are plenty of resellers out there willing to lend a hand.

After it’s launch online and the in-person event, Kid Cudi signed “Insano” vinyl records are reselling for between $200 and $300. Remember, these retailed for under $40.

Signed Insano Vinyl FOr Sale

If you were a reseller that managed to pick up four of them online, and got to the album signing early enough, this album had the potential to make you over $1,000 in profit. In 24 hours. Or less.

Of course, finding flips like this before they sell out is always tricky. RC Elite members were alerted about both the online and in-person sale ahead of time, and many were able to secure an order before all the vinyl sold out.

Fast-forward a few hours, and now they all have head start on their tax payments. If you want to get serious about reselling, then you need to join RC Elite too. One flip like this, and you pay for your membership ten times over.

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