Freddy Funko "Jumbo Chan" Figures Flip Fast


Funko Jumbo Chan Reseller Runfair

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • The new Project Fred Funko is “Jumbo Chan”

  • These were $250 and limited to 1,200 units

  • Resellers have flipped them for as much as $600

Earlier this week, Funko dropped a new addition to their Project Fred collectibles line. “Jumbo Chan” is an homage to classic anime and Japanese toys. These were a limited production, and utilizes EQL’s “Runfair” platform for sales. Collectors and resellers were on an equal footing, and now that orders are confirmed these figures are flipping for well over what they retailed for.

Funko Runfair Collection

As we all know, Funko is the premier platform for people who want to stuff their shelves with cheap crap. They’ve got a Funko Pop for every obscure TV show, video game, or D-list celebrity.

But there are plenty of collectable Funkos out there. We’ve covered them before, and special variants and rare designs like Chase editions and Funko Fundays can be quite lucrative for resellers that get in early.

Funko has partnered with EQL to produce a new line of super-limited figures known as Project Fred. They feature the brand’s mascot, Freddy Funko, in various designs and stylizations. You can read more about recent Project Fred launches here, but the bottom line is that these are must-haves for serious Funko collectors.

Funko Project Fred Sprite Chase

Project Fred launches utilize EQL’s “Runfair” system to deter bots, resellers, and other nasties from ruining things. Rather than going by a first-come, first-serve basis, Runfair is essentially a raffle system with some extra (and very minor) things running in the background.

Crocs, Topps, and and Louis Vuitton have joined in, and EQL’s clever marketing helps customers think that they’ve finally solved the scalper problem.

Funko Jumbo Chan

And the latest link-up between Funko and EQL is the “Jumbo Chan” figure. While these are slightly different from previous Project Fred figures, the raffle system and rarity means we’re just going to lump it in with the rest.

Jumbo Chan figures are 14 inches tall and made from hard vinyl. They depict Freddy Funko as a big-eyed mashup of various Japanese media from the 70s and 80s, most obviously Astro Boy.

Project Fred Funko Jumbo Chan Resell

The figure is not articulated or moveable, although his joints are meant to look like it. He’s got a shirt with some Japanese lettering on it and a crown on his head to round out the look.

These Jumbo Chan Funkos dropped on May 12 for $250. There were only 1,200 available, and no Chase variants. All of them shipped with a certificate of authenticity.

Jumbo Chan Funkos Resell

Not a ton of surprise here. Funko is already a well-established name for collectors and resellers alike, so their most exclusive figures are bound to be popular.

After Sunday’s drop the Funko Jumbo Chan figures started to resell for about $350. There were a few early sales that eclipsed this mark, but most have comfortably settled for $100 or so over retail.

Funko Jumbo Chan for Sale

Not bad. EQL’s Runfair system is free and easy to enter, so really you can just look at this like a simple lottery. Put your name in, wait a few hours, and you might win some easy money. We’ll take that deal any day.

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