Taylor Swift Heart Signed Tortured Poets CDs Skyrocket

These are selling for $1,000+

Tortured Poets Signed Heart CD Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Some signed TTPD CDs come with a small heart

  • These are very rare and very popular

  • Swift’s fans are paying five times more than other signed CDs flip for

There are two kinds of people that love Taylor Swift: her fans, and resellers. Whether you dig her music or you just like making a hundreds of dollars in a few minutes, Ms. Swift is a hero for the self-made man, woman, and overgrown child. Her latest album, “The Tortured Poets Department” is smashing records and igniting debates in comment sections, and resellers have been there every step of the way. Earlier this week, special signed CDs hit a new record price exceeding $1,000 on eBay.

Tortured Poets Heart Signature CDs

If you’ve been reading our blog, you’ve probably seen us talking about Taylor Swift lately. Everyone else is, so why can’t we?

We covered the release of TTPD back in April, and noted how exclusive “Fortnight” single CDs were reselling along with signed vinyl and CDs. At the time, we were seeing prices at around $200.

Well, war has changed. While there are still a ton of signed CDs in circulation, collectors have started to focus on a special “variant” of Taylor’s signature. While most autographed merch just shows her first name scribbled in sharpie, she’s added a small heart to some.

Tortured Poets Heart CD Signed Taylor Swift

It’s nothing drastic, but for the variant-obsessed and money-possessed Swiftie, getting this heart is more important than making rent.

While other signed CDs are usually trading hands for about $200, heart signed Tortured Poets CDs have flipped for over a grand. They retailed for just $25.

Tortured Poets Signed Heart CD for Sale

That’s really, really good. We don’t care how much you make or how rich you think you are; no one should turn down $1,000 in profit for five minutes of work.

Taylor Swift Heart Signature

The catch here is that there’s no way of knowing whether you have a heart signature until you open the CDs. Taylor’s signature isn’t on the cover; it’s on a small photo insert within the case itself.

Resellers usually list and flip their items before they even ship, so chances are they’ll never know they had a heart signature until it’s too late. On the off-chance that you have a signed TTPD CD just laying around (why haven’t you sold it yet?), say a prayer and crack that baby open.

This might be the start of a new meta for resellers when it comes to Taylor Swift. Do you list your items early and make a quick sale while prices are high? Or gamble and hope to win big?

For “The Tortured Poets Department”, prices for signed CDs really haven’t wandered far. They’ve trended a bit downwards from the post-release highs, but there are still plenty of sales at or near the $200 mark. If you elected to wait, the losses are minimal, and the potential gains high.

Want to see something weird? Taylor Swift sold both signed CD and vinyl versions of “The Tortured Poets Department”. While the CDs with the heart signature are trading for incredible prices, heart-signed vinyl is barely above the normal signatures.

Tortured Poets Vinyl Heart Signed for Sale

The picture inserts for the vinyl are different, but that’s it. One thing we’ve learned about reselling Taylor Swift merch is that her CDs usually flip for more than the vinyl, which is a complete reversal of most other artists.

Maybe its a 2000s retro thing, or maybe her fans just think her music sounds better on a disc. Keep that in mind next she drops something.

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