Resellers Eat Up Darc Sport Dragon Ball Z Collection

Triple your money in five minutes

Darc Sport DBZ Collection Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Darc Sport’s new collection is DBZ-themed

  • Numerous tees, hoodies, and accessories retailed for $45 to $200

  • Resellers have flipped the items for two to three times retail

Last week, resellers were treated to a full-table feast. Darc Sport recently released an extensive Dragon Ball Z collection. Hoodies and graphic tees as far as the eye can see, and everything in limited numbers. There’s a lot of crossover between DBZ fans and streetwear circles, and they came out hard to support the drop. After everything sold out, resellers began flipping these clothes for two to three times what they retailed for. Let’s dive in.

DBZ Darc Sport Drop

So first, a little background. You’ve probably heard of Dragon Ball Z by now, but if you’re not super into streetwear you might not know about Darc Sport.

Darc Sport is an athletic wear company under the Civil Regime portfolio. You’ve got tees and muscle shirts, leggings, hoodies, all the regular stuff you’d expect. What sets them apart is their edgy aesthetic.

The company’s slogan is “Never F*ckin Give Up”, and the clothing frequently features Lone Wolf imagery, spooky skulls, and Latin phrases.

In another era, it’s what you’d expect to find for sale at Zumiez or on stands at the mall. But for roidheads that blast Avenged Sevenfold on the way to the gym, these are perfect.

Last week, Darc Sport dropped a huge Dragon Ball Z collection. Fourteen different T-shirt designs, five different hoodies, graphic shorts, muscle tanks, sweats, and even a letterman jacket. Tees and hoodies were also sold in sets of four.

Darc Sport Dragon Ball Z Hoodie

Prices were between $40 and $75 for tops, around $60 for bottoms, $60 to $75 for hoodies, and $200 for the letterman.

Darc Sport Dragon Ball Z Drop Resells

Dragon Ball Z crossovers can be seriously profitable. We covered the Swatch x Dragon Ball Z collection previously, and the watches from that drop were regularly trading hands for $2,000. This Darc Sport DBZ collection was no different.

Right now, most of the sold out items are reselling for about 1.5 to 2 times what they retailed for. The most popular T-shirts are selling for up to $150, and some of the hoodies have gone for $200.

If you managed to snag a box set of four tees, these are usually reselling for about $300. But the most profitable option by far is the box set of hoodies. We’ve seen sales for these exceed $500.

Darc Sport DBZ Hoodie for Sale

Sales have begun to slow a bit. The entire collection dropped on May 26, and while most of it has sold out, there still a fair number of designs that remain in stock. If someone missed out on the design they wanted, they have the option of getting it in another color before paying the scalper tax.

All in all, this is a pretty solid drop. While everything sold out fast, it was entirely possible for a reseller to get in and buy the stuff they wanted; no bots required. We recommend keeping an eye out for more drops from Darc Sport, especially high profile crossovers like this.

If you want too learn more about reselling clothes, you can see our guide here. Also check out our recent articles on Puma’s “Team Miami” Scuderia jackets, and Tiger Woods’ new “Sun Day Red” drops.

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