Want To Make Some Money? Flip These Target Halloween Birds

Complete collections resell for $200+

Target Halloween Bird Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • Target’s line of seasonal fabric birds are very popular with certain collectors

  • A line of Halloween birds just dropped for $5

  • Many of these flip for upwards of $20, while all eight sold together can go for hundreds

Halloween is drawing near, and apparently that’s the perfect excuse for people to blow their paychecks buying cheap gimmicks. Target produces a line of seasonal fabric birds in a variety of designs for $50 which these have become quite popular with collectors. If you’ve got nothing better to do and don’t mind making a few trips to your local Target, buying a few of these birds to resell can pay for your candy this year. Let’s take a look.

Target Halloween Seasonal Birds

Back in May, we covered a series of drag queen fabric birds sold by Target for Pride. These were enormously popular, and the $5 birds were reselling for upwards of $50 for months.

Now we’re looking at a similar set of birds. Target sells a line of fabric decorative birds that changes with the seasons. There’s summer birds, winter birds, birds for holidays, birds for back to school, and today’s topic: spooky birds. Most of them retail for $5, and many of them are inordinately popular on TikTok and Reddit.


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♬ Sally’s Song (From “The Nightmare Before Christmas”) – John McClung

There are eight different Target Halloween birds. They are produced by Target’s Hyde and EEK! brand, which makes a variety of Halloween themed merch. All of them are based on a particular character, either from pop culture or associated with the holiday. If you’re a collector or just curious, here’s a complete list of designs.

Isn’t SEO fun? The most popular Target Halloween birds are the Frankenstein and Bride birds, and also the Ghost birds. Everything resells, but those seem to be what people are paying the highest premiums for.

Speaking of reselling, let’s look at the aftermarkets for these birds. The Seasonal Fabric Birds subreddit is full of complaints about scalpers hawking these birds for ridiculous prices, but just how ridiculous are we talking?

Well, the average price for a Target Halloween Bird for sale through eBay is around $20. Remember, we said average. There’s a lot of birds, a lot of sales, and a lot of dweebs with money to burn. The popular birds tend to sell for more, but there’s plenty of variance in between.

Target Halloween Bird For Sale

And of course even more profit can be made by selling the entire collection as a lot. Sales of all eight Target Halloween Birds are uncommon, but have gone for more than $200 at a time. If our math is right, that means these resellers are multiplying their money by more than four times by reselling these fabric birds.

Target Halloween Bird Complete Lot For Sale

It really brings a new meaning to the term “flipping the bird”, doesn’t it. If you’re a passionate fabric bird collector who stumbled across this article and are now angry, we humbly apologize. We know how important they are to you, and we really do feel quite bad holding them hostage. Sorry!

If you’re a reseller that likes the sound of turning $5 into $20, you’re on the right website. Check out our other articles to get a better idea of everything at Target worth flipping, like these Starbucks Slime Cups, Lorcana Booster Packs, and Zoo Pals paper plates.

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