The Canvas Don "Astro Scott" Figures Dropped Yesterday

But will they flip?

The Canvas Don Astro Scott Reseller

By RC Staff

Key Points

  • The Canvas Don sold a figurine and cereal box based on Travis Scott yesterday

  • They cost $90 and $30

  • Unlike other drops, these were made to order rather than limited

Yesterday afternoon, a new collection dropped on The Canvas Don’s website: a figure and cereal box based on Travis Scott’s “Astroworld” album. Fans of the artist were quick to hop on the new merchandise, and all stock is currently sold out with a restock pending. Previous releases from The Canvas Don have been very popular, so resellers are watching the market for these figures closely.

The Canvas Don Travis Scott Collection

Got some free space on your shelf, and nothing tacky enough to fill it? Allow us to introduce you to The Canvas Don. This American entrepreneur is primarily known for his unlicensed LEGO minifigures, but he has also branched out into other forms of art.

Most of the Don’s work is based around popular rappers like Kid Cudi, Kanye, and Tyler, the Creator. Usually LEGOs, but today we’re looking at something different.

At noon Pacific on February 16, a new collection was sold through The Canvas Don’s website. There were two items based on Travis Scott’s “Astroworld” album, the “Astro Scott” figure and “Astro Cereal”

The Canvas Don Astro Scott Collection

These are essentially a mashup of Scott’s own visual design and the Japanese “Astro Boy” character. It’s worth noting that The Canvas Don operates without the permission of any company or person his creations depict. He’s able to get away with it by not overtly using names or copyrighted designs, and only selling a limited amount of products at a time.

The “Astro Scott” collection is a step outside of his usual LEGO minifigure work. The figure costs $90, while the cereal box is $30 (and contains no cereal).

Rather than being produced in limited numbers, it seems like the items from this collection were instead made to order. Customers were able to buy either item from noon to 9 P.M. Pacific, and the they never sold out.

From a reseller’s perspective, this is bad. The ideal scenario is for an item to drop, sell out in five minutes, then watch as FOMO builds and desperate people fork over paychecks to have their toys. When items like this are made to order, it’s much harder for a market to emerge.

The reason this drop was on our radar was because of The Canvas Don’s past releases. Just a week ago, he produced special LEGO minifigures to coincide with Kanye and Ty Dolla Sign’s new album, “Vultures”. These ended up reselling for around double what they retailed for.

The Canvas Don Vultures for Sale

Many of The Canvas Don’s other products have been popular among resellers too, so this latest Travis Scott-themed drop seemed like a layup. Instead the new production strategy is looking to waylay those plans.

Is this how The Canvas Don will sell his products from now on? It’ll make them much more accessible sure, and probably net him some more money in the short run, but you have to be careful tampering with a winning strategy. As of this writing, none of these new Travis Scott collectibles have even been listed on eBay.

People that collect these products expect them to be rare, and ramping up production contradicts that expectation. Will they continue to show up to future drops if their value on the aftermarket starts to drop? Guess we’ll find out.

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